10 Tips to Help You Organize a Small Bedroom

Making the most out of a small bedroom space can seem like a challenge. Between your sleeping space, closet, furniture, essentials, and more all crowded into one area, it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to make everything fit and function in an aesthetically pleasing way. However, with the right design, color palette, and division of space, any size room can become a sanctuary. 

Using a streamlined concept for the overall decor will help bring disparate elements into harmony. Minimizing clutter is key for a smaller bedroom, but there’s no need to dispose of all your possessions just to save space. With innovative clothing storage options and room organization, most small bedrooms can fit more than they seem at first glance. 

How to Organize Your Room

How to Organize Your Room

Work With the Right Scale Furniture

Made in Italy, PEDINI Miami’s bedroom collections can be customized to meet even the most demanding needs. Understanding the dimensions of the bedroom that you have to decorate can help you select bedroom furniture that fits organically into the space instead of trying to squeeze in pieces that are too large or bulky. Luckily, when working with the expert designers at PEDINI, this process doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort or modern elegance for practicality. Instead, contemporary furnishings like those in the Frame collection can be customized to meet the overall scale of the room and your needs. 

  • One Large Statement Piece, the Bed

Let the bedroom’s purpose speak for itself. Choose a bed that will be the centerpiece of the space, and minimize other less necessary furnishings like side tables and dressers by allowing them to blend into the backdrop. By centering the design concept around the bed, you can create an elegant, striking impression while minimizing the feeling of crowdedness. 

  • Eliminate the Unnecessary

For storage ideas for small spaces as well as general room organization ideas, it’s helpful to have a sense of what is truly necessary for the space. Sometimes, items can be removed seasonally, such as heavy blankets or coats. Ask yourself if there is another area in the home to store items, such as books, musical instruments, exercise equipment, or work materials. Transforming your bedroom from a multipurpose room into a single-use one can streamline the space while creating a more restful environment. As much as possible, try to make your bedroom a tech-free sanctuary free of distractions like the TV or computers. 

  • Try a Folding Screen

Rice paper screens or a more substantial lacquer screen can hide a nook for a necessary workstation and divide the space more meaningfully. They can serve as room dividers, creating a sense of flow, and even hide unsightly bedroom storage needs. Folding screens can liven up a corner as decor and add texture to otherwise flat spaces. They can even be used to create a moveable changing area or wardrobe without taking up valuable room.

  • Add Some Green

    A single living plant can work wonders to bring the concept of health and plentitude indoors to this essential room. While fig trees are very popular, you can also try more sculptural greenery such as snake plants or a fern that will add a degree of textural lushness. Some house plants also work to remove toxins from the air, resulting in up to 87% cleaner indoor air overall.

  • Use a Neutral Palette

Earth tones work well to create a harmonious color scheme without overpowering a smaller bedroom space. However, browsing the PEDINI showroom bedrooms reveals the power of using calming blues as an accent wall. Blue is said to be one of the most soothing colors to your brain, helping it wind down for better sleep. It also blends with a more neutral palette, adding interest without overstimulating a restful area. 

  • Streamline Your Possessions

    With a small bedroom, often the first instinct is to turn to under the bed storage options. However, a skirt-free bed with clear space underneath it lends necessary airiness to the room. Storing bulky items under the bed can be a last resort, but it should always be disguised with drawers or paneling.

  • Use Strategic Lighting

Think past bedroom storage ideas and consider that much of our sense of space is created by a room’s lighting. Layered illumination is a designer’s gold standard for creating a bright, airy, dimensional sense of space in any room, and the bedroom is perhaps the most important example. Consider having multiple light sources placed at strategic heights, working from the ceiling down. Overhead lighting, while convenient, can cast dark shadows and create harshness. However, it can be balanced out with lamps or pendant fixtures. 

Try Out the Bed in Closet Concept

A bedroom closet may not be for everyone, but in a space with a roomy closet nook, it can make for a dreamy escape. If you have wide closet spaces, try removing the doors and putting your bed inside for a cozy sleeping area that makes the most of your existing floor plan. Consider hanging tapestries or tassels to amp up the bohemian energy and to be able to close off the bedroom area from view. It’s an instant upgrade from a cramped one-room situation to the feeling of having a small suite. 

  • Make the Most of Clothes Storage Spaces

Storage for small spaces is already at a premium in the bedroom, where so many essentials need to be stored. Conventional clothes storage ideas often suggest adding in shoe racks, organizers, and other bulky items. However, first consider adjusting your existing space, such as inside drawers and high ceilinged closets, to see if all of the room you already have is being used to its best advantage. 



Creating a serene, elegant bedroom environment is possible even in the smallest bedrooms without sacrificing comfort or the essentials. When you work with the designers at PEDINI Miami, you can rest assured knowing you have the finest contemporary European craftsmanship and customizable pieces at your disposal to create your dream space. 

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