12 Novel Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home

While designing a kitchen from scratch or doing a remodel may take the work of seasoned professionals, we have some ideas that you can incorporate on your own when it comes to wall decor for the kitchen. 

Turn to experts like PEDINI’s design team to create the foundation for a modern and functional design. Then enjoy the easy part with this guide to different kitchen wall decor ideas. Our collection of contemporary kitchen wall decor concepts should inspire even the most timid decorator to make the most of their kitchen walls. 

Read on for kitchen wall ideas that will make your kitchen inviting, unusual, and perhaps even utilitarian.

Kitchen Wall Decor

1. Kitchen Themed Decorations

Pinterest is replete with ideas like simple but elegant forks or spoons displayed in shadow boxes. Another idea is to look for dining implements fashioned into hooks. You can buy them already upcycled on Etsy or make your own.

2. Antique Kitchen Gadgets

Did you ever want to be a collector of something fun? Search online for “antique kitchen gadgets wall,” and you’ll find a wide variety of both 2-dimensional prints and actual gadgets for sale and ready to grace your kitchen walls. Perhaps check out some antique rummage sales to begin your collection.

3. A Leaning Ladder

Leaning ladders are currently in vogue. You could display a few tasteful linen dish towels on a leaning ladder. Just make sure it doesn’t interfere with traffic patterns and practice restraint on the number of items to keep it looking uncluttered and minimalistic. While this idea works well with country or vintage kitchen themes, it can also work well with an industrial aesthetic. 

4. Cork Bulletin Board

A bulletin board serves a dual purpose in kitchen decor themes. You can make your own with wine corks (just look at Pinterest for ideas) or go with cork panels. With the latter, you can easily pin any image inspo of the week from a magazine, as well as a recipe you want to make or the weekly shopping list. 

5. Baskets

Baskets, with their hand-woven artistry, make a beautiful display. Choose large, shallow baskets that are also lightweight. TheNester.com explains how to make a grouped display with baskets, but you might do better with a single statement basket piece. Try a Google image search on “African tray baskets” or “vintage native American baskets” for various examples. This woven art doubles as a practical piece for entertaining if you affix the basket to be removed and replaced without too much trouble.

6. Coffee Themed Wall Art

Coffee and kitchens go together like butter and toast. If your walls are a neutral warm shade in the tan or brown tonalities—any variation of the many hues of coffee, from dark roast to light macchiato—you can easily play this up to a great effect. Add a tasteful complement of images of coffee preparation or brewed coffee beverages for this themed kitchen wall art. Google “coffee art,” and you’ll find the perfect kitchen artwork in the results under “Shopping” (ads) or “Images.”

7. New Yorker Covers

If you aren’t a subscriber to this classic highbrow periodical, no worries. You can purchase New Yorker magazine cover prints from Etsy. Choose a magazine cover that harmonizes with your kitchen walls and speaks to your personal whimsy. Or, consider another beautiful magazine cover, perhaps a vintage one, from perhaps Vogue, National Geographic, Time, or Look.

8. Black and White Photography

A memorable kitchen wall idea is to use a striking photo enlarged behind a matte glass. Imagine the beauty of simple garlic cloves or onions, sculptural bell peppers, or any food-related subject that lends itself to being simplified to grayscale. Look for artistically rendered images and subjects blown up larger than life. Make it even more architecturally inspired by choosing a frameless glass for this original kitchen wall decor.

9. Children’s Art

Before you think “fuzzy pom-poms glued on construction paper and randomly stuck-to-the-fridge,” don’t rule out your child or grandchild’s original art. You can make a creative crayon drawing look modern and, yes, elegant by enlarging it and displaying it in a simple colored wood or metal frame. Try a simple, bold frame in a primary color like red or pure blue (HEX #0000FF) that draws out the colors of your child’s art.

10. Natural-Textured Kitchen Wallpaper

You’re no longer limited to cliché prints or busy, patterned wallpaper designs. Go for a thoroughly modern and elegant material like grasscloth that will complement your investment in high-tech appliances and sleek architectural kitchens like PEDINI’s Italian kitchen designs. If you prefer a more traditional antique look, use wallpaper in just one limited area, such as one accent wall, as shown in this updated version of a country-style kitchen.

11. Kitchen Sign Decor

Another idea for a contemporary-feeling kitchen is to use block words related to the kitchen and the associated activities you’ll do there. See the example from PEDINI kitchens. Consider large letters that spell out “EAT,” “SAVOR,” “ENJOY,” or whatever strikes you as a prompt for the spell you want to cast in your kitchen.  Find a “bon appetit” sign in an elegant cursive script for an international flair. There are countless renditions throughout the web.

12. Streamlined Herb Garden Wall

Look for low-profile and lightweight indoor planter boxes. Install them as instructed to ensure proper drainage and light for your functional and beautiful herb garden. This is every chef’s dream, having fresh herbs within reach.

The Takeaway

If none of these kitchen wall decor ideas rings true for you, consult a designer. But in reality, for kitchen decorations that are unusual and tasteful, you are only limited by your imagination. They can enhance the look of any kitchen and supplement its lighting and style. Set it free and watch your kitchen speak to you and your guests.

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