5 Requirements for Bathroom Renovation

While it’s not the gathering place of your home, your bathroom is just as important — at some point, everyone needs to use it, after all. Attention to detail when it comes to bathroom renovation is a must. Not only will both you and your guests be using it, but also it is a place of hygiene. 

It’s hard to pinpoint exact costs and pricing because each bathroom is different, and there are thousands of materials, styles, and products to choose from. When you’re renovating, try to purchase and install high-quality items as much as possible, but don’t break the bank or your budget, either. Here are some of the best bathroom renovation ideas to give your space the makeover it deserves.

1) Stylish Lighting

Bathroom Renovation: Stylish Lighting

While lighting is an absolute must in any bathroom, it also needs to be good lighting, and there should be as much of it as possible. Whether you’re doing your hair, showering, applying makeup and skincare products, or even just cleaning, more is more when it comes to lighting.

Lighting can change the atmosphere of a room, and adding more of it is one of the best small bathroom renovation ideas. If your bathroom is small, good lights will help brighten it up and make it appear larger. The idea is for your bathroom to appear bright and clean.

Talk with your bathroom renovation contractor to decide on what lighting is best. You’ll want overhead lighting for general illumination, but also vanity-specific lights and those that will illuminate the shower and tub area.

2) Fixtures and the Vanity

Your vanity is one of the centerpieces of your bathroom, and it needs to appear worthy of that title, too. Replace old, dirty, or dented cabinets with new ones, or if you’re into a DIY bathroom renovation, you can get creative and repurpose or transform them. Consider how many drawers you need, what items you keep on and under your vanity, and how many sinks you have. 

Sleek and chic is a top design trend right now, and ceramic and granite always are good looks in a bathroom. Be sure to find a reputable company before choosing the products and cabinetry you’ll be installing, as well. PEDINI Miami is a leading expert in luxury cabinetry, and they’ll be able to help point you in the right direction for your needs.

3) Wallpaper and Color Scheme

Wallpaper and Color Scheme

When it comes to great small bathroom renovation ideas, brighter is better. Darker colors and loud patterns are more likely to make a space appear much smaller than it is. Go with a bright and bold or muted, neutral color scheme if you want your space to appear roomier and more inviting. For those into DIY bathroom renovation, you can also consider adding an accent wall — one with a pop of color or muted pattern, for example — for extra flair and to create a new focal point.

4) Tiles and the Overall Coloring

Tiles are a smart choice and an important one when it comes to bathroom renovation. Not only are tiles easy to clean, but they also can make or break an overall aesthetic. Avoid dark-colored tiles: Once again, dark colors make a room appear smaller.

Don’t compromise with the quality of the tiles that you’ll have your bathroom renovation contractor install, either. Tiles that are old or damaged need to be replaced before they become a serious safety hazard and slip-resistant tiles are a good choice for your bathroom’s makeover.  Choose high-quality tiles for both the floors and shower walls. Ceramic tiles are one of the most common choices because they’re more durable and less likely to be subject to leaks, mold, and mildew. 

5) New Cabinets, Better Look

New Cabinets, Better Look

When it comes to cabinets, quality is key. Too many people, in an attempt to stick to a budget and spare expenses where possible, choose lower-quality cabinets that aren’t sealed or protected well. Durability is critical when it comes to finding the perfect cabinets. You don’t want particle board, which is more susceptible to breakage and water damage; and you don’t want improperly sealed cabinets that are prone to warping, either.

According to PEDINI Miami, “wellness is a complete system of coordinated and integrated solutions; being in constant advancement, it represents an innovative furnishing solution for the bathroom where contemporary research and durability are crucial.” Check with PEDINI Miami for your best options regarding luxury, high-quality bathroom cabinets.