Bathroom Countertops 101: The Top Surface Materials

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is an area of the house that we all spend time in, several times a day. However, the bathroom has the additional function of being a retreat from the world and should be a reflection of tranquility and serenity. Modern bathroom designs incorporate a sleek and minimalistic look that allows the mind and body to rest without the distraction of clutter.

Modern Bathroom Design Elements

As a general guideline, durable bathroom countertops and streamlined cabinet profiles combine to make a bathroom look sleek, modern, and clean. Bathrooms that hide clutter are easy on the eye. Modern bathroom design mandates this minimalism be incorporated with the best bathroom countertops that are created for superior wear. 

The best design advice often derives from those who know design the best. As an Italian design company with over half a decade of signature, award-winning home design, PEDINI leads the way in modern bathroom design. With countertops designed to the highest standards of contemporary Italian style, these designs are unadorned by distracting hardware and feature flush doors, gliding mechanisms, natural materials, and rich, monochromatic colors. Designer doors, including space-saving pocket doors of wood, glass, and laminate, further the minimalist aesthetic.

Modern bathroom design incorporates functional elements that reduce extraneous material and amplify the space with exquisite care for details. The design is planned with sophisticated technologies and is finished off by the skills of master craftsmen. This translates into a comprehensive and well thought out design, characterized by balance and a deliberate selection of sophisticated materials with the latest technical innovations.

Modern bathrooms incorporate impressive and dynamic design with a strong visual impact. State-of-the-art technology in closing or opening cabinets effortlessly with a touch of the finger brings modernism into practice as well as visual design. Special cabinets, custom-designed for the space, such as “floating cabinets,” look ultra-modern. Further, bathrooms should be designed to maximize ample natural light.

The Best Bathroom Countertop Materials

Here are some of the best bathroom countertop materials available today. 

Quartz, Granite, and Stone

Granite bathroom countertops and quartz bathroom speak modernity of design and purity that is welcome in bathroom areas. These countertops and other natural stone options are durable and elegant, with both rigorous and refined design. They are naturally fire-proof as well as timeless in design. 


Corian is a man-made, nonporous surface for countertops that allows for seamless joints and which are highly durable and easy to maintain. Corian for modern bathrooms comes in harmonious colors and natural tones like Glacier White, Pearl Grey, and Clay. 

Modern Wood

Wood in contemporary bathrooms includes walnut, elm, and oak. Reclaimed wood is increasingly popular for being ecologically correct and inherently beautiful. Wood can be used for vanities, mirror frames, accent walls, floors, and tub surroundings. It’s perfect for adding a warming touch to cooler feeling materials like granite, marble, tile, and glass.


Laminate is one of the best bathroom countertops. It allows for innovative furnishing solutions for the bathroom where contemporary style is wanted with durability and a wide variety of sophisticatedly muted colors. It offers a hygienic, waterproof, and soil-resistant material, Laminate allows for almost unlimited possibilities in terms of finishes and color tones, as well as gloss or matt versions, making it a winning choice for the best countertop for bathroom design.

With a decidedly contemporary spirit that is elegant and technologically sound at the same time, laminate can also be matched with natural materials, such as wood, giving character to the bath and the surrounding environment.


Glass can be used to expand as well as define the space. Glass is often used in conjunction with warmer materials like wood. Semi-opaque glass like glass block can provide a degree of privacy while letting light through. Glass looks exceptionally modern when used for frameless shower enclosures. 


Best Bathroom Countertop Materials

If you are seeking “bathroom vanities Miami“ or “custom bathroom cabinets Miami,” you are in luck because PEDINI has a Miami showroom in Coral Gables, along with over 30 others around the country. Visit this leader in the home design industry, which has been a pioneer in setting new trends for over five decades. You can touch and feel an impressive array of finishes. Get inspired by innovation, design, and creativity channeled to deliver bathroom design fitted with a vast range of materials. 

sophisticated luxury home designs have been compared to the Italian design icons of Gucci, Armani, and Lamborghini. The design is meant to provoke a passionate response in the homeowner who appreciates an ultra-modern style that transcends boundaries of geography and culture. The design is based on ergonomics and functionality and backed by stellar customer service.

Modern bathroom design incorporates functional elements that reduce extraneous material and amplify the space with exquisite care for details. PEDINI is modern Italian design by native Italian designers, such as Alfredo Zengiaro, who aims to share authentic Italian design, history, culture, fashion, art, and quality of life to a worldwide audience with a focus on select homes in the United States. Appreciate the craftsmanship by viewing the designer’s ideas in his own words on this video, where he walks through the conceptualization to realization of design, with intermediary sketches and the use of “mood boards” to refine and achieve approval of the design. 

For the best of modern design, look for furnishings that are conceived through inspired design incorporating ergonomics, emerging trends, and contemporary lifestyles.