Stylish Ideas for Your Bedroom Décor

Did you know you might spend 26 years of your life asleep? That’s why it’s so important that your bedroom is a real refuge, a place of sanctuary where you relax and unwind. Making your bedroom your own is all about stamping your own personality all over it. Here are our ten favorite bedroom inspiration tips, with bedroom ideas for women, men, and even the kids.

Say Bye-Bye to Clutter

This is our top tip, whether you’re brightening up the master bedroom or finding space for bedroom decor in the spare room. Find a great storage solution that will allow you to clean up the clutter without any stress. This could mean looking at under bed storage solutions or simply looking at a more intelligent closet layout. PEDINI’s Loft Closets incorporate shelves, drawers, and rails, allowing everything from ties to high heels to have its place, which is the first step to the perfect bedroom.

Glass and Mirrors

Nothing makes a room look brighter than finding ways to reflect the light. One of the cleverest bedroom layout ideas, particularly for smaller bedrooms, is to use mirrored or glass closets to create the illusion of space. PEDINI’s glass closet range allows you to see right in, putting all your favorite things on view and making the room your own. It’s also a great incentive to keep the closet tidy! Glass makes a room cleaner and is ultra-modern, for a really chic bedroom aesthetic.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

When it comes to the natural aesthetic, bedroom décor can truly shine. Houseplants can easily be placed on windowsills or on top of a dresser that gets some light. Options like cacti and succulents need very little looking after and really brighten a bedroom up. If you have no green thumb at all, take a look at tropical accessories like these palm leaf cushions.

Wall Art

Bedroom wall décor ranges from huge, mural-like prints to philosophical sayings. Remind yourself every day to believe in yourself, or let your bedroom be your window out onto the galaxy.  Keep it simple by placing a favorite painting in a key position, or create a collage of family photos. Let your only limit be your creativity!

For the Kids: Smashed Wall Decals

Kids love cool bedrooms that they can show off to their friends. What’s cooler than their favorite heroes smashing right through their wall? From Wonder Woman to the Avengers, there’s everyone’s favorite covered. These decals are usually vinyl, easy to put up and easy to clean, making them ideal for any kid’s bedroom.

Vintage Chic

Does vintage ever go out of style? Even with today’s trend of modern, minimalist bedrooms and their beautiful, clean lines, a touch of vintage here and there adds personality and contrast that’s hard to emulate with modern pieces. A vintage silver photo frame with a family photo or a pic of the best friend on the dresser can be all that’s needed. Or, how about swapping out your dress drawer handles for some vintage alternatives?


Rugs are an easy way to decorate a bedroom. They can be moved anywhere, and when you want a change, you can simply roll it up and store it until the next time you want to use it. Thick, wooly rugs are perfect for hardwood floors as the contrast when stepping from cool, smooth wood to toe-wiggling comfort is the best feeling. Bright rugs lend contrast to a room filled with soothing neutrals, and likewise, in a bedroom busy with color, a plain rug can be a soothing oasis of calm.

Accent Wall

This is such a simple trick for bringing new life to a room. Pick a wall and paint it. Even in a completely neutral bedroom, a colored wall draws the eye and gives a “wow” factor that you may not have thought possible. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Strong colors are perfect for accent walls. Or for something more subtle, accent your white bedroom with an off-white color like pale blue or pink.

Baskets and Hamper

One of our favorite small master bedroom ideas is using attractive baskets and hampers to keep clothes and other items out of the way. Luxury items like the imported bamboo Alexa Basket are ideal for books and trinkets, while simple wicker and fabric options are a great option for those on a budget.

A Touch of Luxury

Modern bedrooms tend to be quite minimalist, perhaps a sign of our busy lifestyles.  A touch of luxury here and there makes your bedroom your own. It makes it a more pleasurable place to retire to at the end of each day- and to wake up in each morning! Invest in a soft comforter for the bed to snuggle in and relish those rare lazy mornings.

Buy curtains that either let the light in softly or shut it out completely, and don’t stop at practicality. Choose fabrics you love to touch like velvet window panels or soft cotton and pick a color or pattern that soothes you or brings back feelings of nostalgia. Place room decorations in key locations to draw the eye, and make them as bold as you are!

Which is your favorite piece of bedroom inspiration? Now it’s time to put some of these cool bedroom ideas to work and make your sleeping space truly the best it can be.


From master bedroom ideas to exciting room decor for the smallest spare room, there are plenty of easy ways to spruce up your sleeping area. Browse our modern bedroom ideas from wall decals to storage solutions.