Pedini is Turning Greener

Pedini, one of our premier lines of cabinetry, who has been an environmentally friendly company for years, is now turning a deeper and a stronger shade of green. For years, Pedini has been producing their box construction as a completely green product.

It is formaldehyde free, made of 100% recycled wood and all the wood veneer used comes exclusively from sustainable sources. Now the people at Pedini have gone one step further and upgraded their box construction.
The Marine Grade (water-proof) Ecological Panel that Pedini is now using, is made from 100% post-consumption wooden material, is Forest Stewardship Council certified (FSC) and has the absolute lowest formaldehyde emissions in the world. This Marine Grade Ecological Panel represents a revolutionary material that provides a perfect synthesis between safeguarding the environment and concern for the health of the consumer. Additionally, another important factor in Pedini’s on-going efforts to protect the environment is the fact that they are truly an eco-friendly brand. Unlike other companies that create one or two “politically-correct” green products, in a factory that also manufactures non-green items, Pedini exclusively produces green products and adheres entirely to environmentally friendly practices in their production facilities.