Pedini gets two awards!

On December 9, 2014 at Ancona has taken place the closing ceremony of the “Work Award“, promoted by the Marche Region with the aim to promote good business practices in favor of human resources implemented by the business realities of the Marche.

We are proud to announce that Pedini was awarded with the “Work Award” for having invested decisively and significantly in protection and improvement of safety in the workplace, by obtaining the OHSAS 18001 on Health and Safety of Workers.

In addition to this award Pedini has also received a special mention as a company that has been able to effectively integrate the contributions of several structural funds, seizing the opportunities offered by the European Social Fund and the ERDF, as well as Fondimpresa. A policy that not only is virtuous, but that has to become more and more an usual practice in order to optimize resources and interventions.

The achievement of these important awards is a reason for pride and shows the will and commitment of Pedini to improve the business life despite adverse conditions, and to invest in the person as a resource for the quality of work.
Best Regards,

Pedini S.p.A.