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Don’s Start Your Contemporary Kitchen Design Before Reading this

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen into a more contemporary kitchen design? Well, it is a great idea, but before you start, it is important you need to know exactly what you intend to achieve with the new design and what kind of major changes you expect etc.

Even though you can say your requirement to have a contemporary style kitchen to the professionals and let them take over, it would not be exactly according to your taste. Hence, it is better to have a plan for your contemporary kitchen before you hand it over to the professionals.

Try to come up with some basic ideas like whether you need a kitchen with wooden panels with a minimalist design or want it synced with the colors used in other parts of your home.

Don’s Start Your Contemporary Kitchen Design Before Reading this
Why You Need a Contemporary Kitchen Design

So what is a Contemporary Style Kitchen?

Contemporary means current or modern style. So contemporary is not a fixed style and it keeps changing with the trends during that period. And when it comes to a contemporary style kitchen, the basic characteristics of the kitchen would be to have a minimalistic design, flat panel doors, frameless construction, consistency in style and so on.

Mostly contemporary kitchens designs come with a monochromatic color scheme as it provides the kitchen with a much cleaner and sharper outlook. But it all depends on your taste as some may prefer to go for an all-white modern kitchen design where as some may prefer going with a gray or black design. White, black, grey, wooden schema are some of the widely used cabinet colors but still it is your decision as even you can go with a sparkling red color scheme. Mostly in contemporary style kitchen designs metals, glass and concrete are used along with stainless steel to give that unique contemporary look.

But the key to a good contemporary design is to come with a minimalistic design scheme with clean lines and flat panels. At Pedini Miami our aim is to provide our customers with an elegant and pleasing design and is also fully functional to meet all your requirements.

Why You Need a Contemporary Kitchen Design

If you are looking to change the outlook of one room in your house, the first thing your wife would say is to start from the kitchen. Modern home designers give much more importance to the design of a kitchen because once you get the attention of the woman in the house, your work is half done. Nowadays, kitchen is not a place meant to cook, but kids discuss with their mother and do their homework there, watch television and even conduct dinner parties in there sometimes. Hence, getting your kitchen in the perfect shape and design is extremely important.


One of the important aspects that many women prefer a contemporary kitchen design because it gives you a lot of options to store a lot of appliances and gadgets. Moreover, every basic item you may require in the kitchen can be easily integrated in the design to make so easy and fun. Take for example, if you love coffee, then the design can easily incorporate a coffee machine in the design so that you don’t need a separate place to have your coffee machine. And with great storage ideas that can be incorporated in the design, a lot of space can be saved. And to put it this way, a contemporary kitchen may look like a showroom kitchen from the outside, but still can fulfill all your requirements.

Adds Value

Do you know that a house equipped with a contemporary style kitchen can get you more dollars than a house with a regular style kitchen? Yes, real estate agents look at your kitchen first when you have decided to sell your property. So your investment will not go waste at any point of time. According to a recent study, it shows that contemporary style or modern kitchens can add up to 4.6-4.8% of value to your property.


Another reason why you may go for a contemporary style kitchen design is you can choose to create a design of your own. If you are looking for a unique design, then you can easily sit with designer and discuss all your ideas and requirements including the color schemes, the kind of modules, accessories, type of shutters, countertop etc. If you really plan well, then you can really get a kitchen that suits your requirements and make spending time in the kitchen so much fun and exciting.


We live in a world where everything is fast paced and changing every day. You can see styles getting updated every now and then and when it comes to contemporary kitchens designs, you have various options to choose from as you can even have an iPod docking station in your kitchen.

Heart of your Home

The kitchen is one of the important aspects in your home and hence can be most certainly be called as the “heart of your home”. Gone are the days when women used the kitchen only to cook food, but with contemporary kitchen designs, it can be a place to eat together with your family, entertain guests or even hold parties with your neighbors.

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen, then better visit showrooms and other kitchen design exhibitions and look around to get a basic idea of what you may require. But it is also important to assign the right people for the work and Pedini Miami is an experienced company having installed various contemporary kitchen designs.