Home Improvement Ideas for a More Modern-Looking Home

In a day and age where technology rules and contemporary style is all the rage, some homeowners are ready to take the plunge into modern home design. And while those modern, luxe-looking styles on Pinterest and HGTV can look expensive, you really don’t need to break the bank when giving your home a contemporary facelift.

Costs vary greatly depending on how deep you’re planning to dive into your new, modern home design. While you don’t have to break your budget, it is important to be sure that the upgrades, renovations, and additions you’re making are high quality — after all, that’s one of the elements of modernity.

Sprucing Up the Interior

Let’s start from the inside out. One of the first things you may want to consider when making over your home’s interior is repainting. Many modern home interiors follow an earth-toned color palette since these neutral colors make small spaces appear larger. It’s also easier to add a taste of your own personal style, such as a colorful piece of artwork, when it’s not drowned out by bright, bold colors

Once you’ve chosen a color, consider what modern home furniture is to you. For some, this means accent pieces, such as a brightly colored chair or patterned couch. You can also get creative with drapery. Depending on whether you want your accent pieces to be the furniture, decor or drapery, choose one to have fun with and keep the others neutral.

Developing Your Modern Home Exterior

When it comes to developing a modern home exterior, things can be a little more tricky. It’s not as simple to redesign your home’s exterior as it is inside. Many modern home designs, especially the exteriors, are in place when the house is being built.

You’re in luck if you already have a mid-century modern design, which is making a comeback. If you don’t, add trimming to your exterior windows to give the nod to modern home design. If you’d like your home to appear more contemporary but not entirely minimalistic and geometric, try using fiber cement siding for a more modern home exterior.

Setting Up a New Modern Home Workspace

The next step to a modern home interior is focusing on the office or general workspace. One way to achieve a modern look is by keeping things simple. Minimalism is in, as is organization and a streamlined design. Avoid the clutter and keep things organized with a roomy desk area and drawers.

You can also add cabinets for extra storage, and to complement your sleek and chic office space — plus, they double as the perfect, modern home furniture. Try looking for a wall unit with plenty of space, but once you install it, keep it organized and decluttered. It’s also a great way to display some modern home decor. PEDINI Miami is the leading expert in high-quality, sleek cabinetry and can assist in making decisions about what is right for your space.

Decor Making a Difference

Make your modern home decor work for you! The decor is what is going to tie your modern home designs together, so choose wisely. One great way to create a focal point is by hanging a large piece of art by itself on one of your walls. This is your chance to show off your personal taste, and bonus points for adding to that overarching feeling of luxury.

You can also mix up the shapes and lines in your home by adding sculptural pieces. Curved lines are interesting to look at, and sculptures feel like more pieces of art in your home. To keep a room from looking bland, you can also choose an interesting textile or area rug to tie the modern home look together.

Upgrading Home Tech

Perhaps quintessential to the modern home is technology. Whether it’s smart speakers, security cameras, smart doorbells, light dimmers, or high-efficiency appliances in the kitchen area, there are tens of thousands of home technology to consider. Security cameras, for example, are an excellent addition to a modern home exterior, and they’ll help give you peace of mind.

Some homes also can be equipped with smart speakers, smart displays, and home automation systems. The more integrated the technology, the more research you’ll want to do before choosing what’s best for your home, lifestyle, and needs. Also, keep in mind that technology such as home automation systems requires a more extensive installation process that may require the help of an electrician or company contractors.

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