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Modern master bedrooms are no longer the same we’ve seen in our bedrooms when we were kids. Now, master bedrooms are completely about luxury and you can even see some people want to have bedrooms with closets that you can see in star hotels. When it comes to designing luxury closets, there is no a set rules or guidelines and it all depends on the designer’s creativity.


Luxury Closet Design & Installation

If you are looking for luxury closet that enhances the beauty of your master bedroom along with providing you with enough space to store all your clothing and accessories, then you’ve come to the right place. At Pedini Miami, we create closets that oozes with luxury and every design of ours is unique and exemplary on its own.

While many people who have spent thousands of dollars in cabinet, closet and modern kitchen designs don’t always end up satisfactory. People who have come to Pedini Miami to fix their ill-fitted closets and cabinet walk out as happy customers through our exceptional design and execution. We always put our customers first and hear them out about what they really want, their storage and color requirements along with their existing interior design and color scheme etc.

Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial luxury closet, we’ll provide you with a luxury closet design that not only satisfies your storage requirements, but also enriches it surroundings to a great extent. Not all luxury closets designed by us are the same as every design is crafted meticulously taking into consideration of your personal style and your sensibility. And one the important aspects of our design is that we try to use every inch of space available and make it useful to store something or the other.

Key Components of a Luxury Closet

When it comes to designing a luxury closet, Pedini Miami takes into account various factors including the lighting conditions, materials used, storage space, existing interior design and more.



Integrated Lighting

Lighting can certainly enrich the look of your closet to a great extent. But lighting is mostly undervalued by most luxury closet designers. But at Pedini Miami, we provide a great importance to the integrated lighting of a luxury closet. We would like to go for general and customized lighting based on the design along with in-cabinet lighting. Our designs may also come with an accent piece to complement the design like a chandelier. We also provide you control to set the mood lighting. Often we can’t clearly differentiate between blue, black or navy blue instantly. But with our in-cabinet lighting, you can see things pretty much clearly and identify colors quickly. Clearly opting for the correct lighting makes a lot of difference to your closet look.

Custom Cabinet Design

We not only design luxury closets, but also provide you with installation and maintenance services for your designer California closets. We are one of the leading luxury closet designing and installation services and have installed hundreds of closets in and out of South Florida including Miami Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County along with various other neighboring counties. We also have installed our closets as far as Caribbean islands as well.

We provide some of the best custom built luxury closet designs that are built using exquisite and carefully selected materials that provide you with a longer lifetime. We have designed luxury closets using various materials right from using exotic wood materials to using custom-designed metal work. Our cabinet designed as renowned to be one of the best designs in South Florida as our team of expert designers are highly experienced and skilled and have successfully completed various luxury closet installations. Our closet cabinets comes with a lot of custom features like we tend to include mirror backs to cabinets instead of the ordinary standard wooden backing. This provides the closet with a luxury boutique feel so that you kind of feel shopping inside your own luxury closet every day.

Extraordinary Quality – Exclusive Finish

When Pedini Miami is assigned the job of designing a luxury closet, the first thing we do is analyze the existing setup, your belongings and the space for designing the closet. Once we’ve collected all data from our analysis, our design team takes over in coming up with an exceptional design. During the design phase, everything is taken into account as we always strive to provide you with the maximum space and use the available to the optimal level. We also ensure that all drawers are coded/labelled to provide the customers with easy access to all their belongings. So if you are searching for your undergarments or jewelry and while you are in a hurry, you can reach for those things pretty much quickly. Once the design process is completed, we ensure to get the green signal from our clients and start working on the design. We make sure that the design provided to the client is executed 100% so that you don’t a completely new closet than the one provided in the design. In fact, our team of skilled workers will ensure that the final output is much more elegant and stylish than the one provided in the design.

Exquisite Customer Service

We always put our customers first and take pride in providing our customers with exceptional customer service at all times. If you are looking to create luxury closets, kitchens cabinet Miami or custom closets doors just give us a call and our customer support executives will get all the details regarding your requirements. And a team will be despatched to your premises to have a discussion in person about the requirements and we’ll also provide you with a sample design and quotation to complete the job.