Halloween Home Decor Ideas for Your Miami Home

It’s an officially spooky season again, and although it might not yet feel like fall in Florida, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up your home in honor of Halloween being right around the corner. Not only is Halloween home decor easily found at most any store this time of year, but you can also use DIY Halloween decorations and incorporate them into your home. Whether you decide to dress up your living room cabinets, add cabinet accessories, or bring the spooky fun into your kitchen or living room, there’s plenty of ways to get in the spirit of Halloween.

What's Trending This Halloween Season?

Halloween trends

Let’s be real: When it comes to Halloween decorations, you can never go wrong with pumpkins, spiders, skulls, and witches. The classics — and the quirks — never go out of style when it comes to the holidays. However, with minimalism being so in style in 2019, it comes with a more toned-down color palette.

Rather than splashing orange, black, and purple in every corner of your home, many interior designers are recommending sticking with a few colors that meld effortlessly, tying your decor together.

Or, take a twist on a classic Halloween tradition. Use pumpkins to your advantage! Carve them, paint them, or simply display them for a traditional harvest aesthetic. 

The Best Halloween Home Decoration Ideas

Halloween Home Decoration Ideas

It’s easy to jump on board with what’s trending in the world of Halloween decor because chances are you already have some items you can use to spook up your home for the festivities. If you’re stumped on ideas or need some inspiration, though, here are some living room design ideas and kitchen designs perfect for your Miami home.

Theme and Color Scheme

The first thing you’ll want to do when decorating your house for Halloween is to pick a color palette, and possibly even a corresponding theme. For a seamless and classy yet fun and spirited design that pulls your home together, try limiting your color palette to a few shades. Shades of orange always are perfect this time of year, and the classic black or white is always in style.

Metallics also are part of many modern kitchen designs, so try adding in hints of copper and gold for that extra treat to the eye. This is great for Miami kitchen design as well– place a gold-painted pumpkin or copper tea kettle near a kitchen window, and the Florida sun will bounce off of it, creating a stunning effect during the day.

Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree

Who said trees inside the home are only for Christmas? Get creative and make your own Halloween tree! All you need is a black, silver or white fake Christmas tree. Then, add some Halloween-themed ornaments, banners, and garlands for a festive look that’s perfect for Halloween.

Candy Corn Mason Jars

Candy Corn Mason Jars

Here’s a fun DIY decor idea: Buy some mason jars at your local craft store, along with some paintbrushes. Don’t forget to pick up orange, white, and yellow paint. At home, paint the jars in sections to look like candy corns — white on top, orange in the middle and yellow on the bottom.

You can use these jars at a Halloween party to sort silverware, or you can utilize them as festive cabinet decor. Simply place a couple of these jars in an open or glass cabinet for display, and you immediately have a simple, cute, and inexpensive new Halloween decorations.

DIY Halloween Mantel

Halloween Mantel

Every modern living room in Miami needs a centerpiece, and Halloween is the perfect time to create one that’s both spooky and aesthetically pleasing. DIY a black, orange, or metallic-colored banner to hang across the mantel. Then, paint a couple of pumpkins and place them in front of the mantel, as recommended by Good Housekeeping.

Halloween Place Settings

Halloween Place Settings

Forget the china, regular plates, or even paper plates when it comes to setting the table — especially during a Halloween party! Grab some black or dark-colored plates at your local party store to serve food on and pick up some green and orange candles to set in the center of the table. Go the extra mile and paint a wine glass green with black cobwebs to place some white and orange flowers in.

Creepy Banister

Here’s a great idea for those of you who have a staircase in the house. Woman’s Day suggests running orange string lights through black garland before stringing it around your staircase banister for that delightfully creepy nighttime glow.

Cobweb-Covered Lamp

Do you know that one lamp you have lying around with the boring beige or white shade? Dress it up for Halloween! Draw some cobwebs on it with a black marker if you’re feeling brave, or check out HGTV’s suggestion to find out how to craft the perfect spiderweb silhouette. Bonus points if you lightly wrap the shade with fake spiderweb material and place fake spiders in it.

Ghostly Chair

Another great idea from Woman’s Day, and a simple one, too! Create a ghostly place to sit by draping a white sheet over a rounded dining chair. Then, cut out eyes and a mouth from adhesive-backed black felt and stick it in place. You can also use black construction paper or a black marker to create the eyes and mouth.


There is no shortage of great Halloween decor ideas for your home — and best of all, there is no right or wrong day to decorate! In your living room and kitchen, take advantage of your cabinet space for decoration placement. Having quality cabinets is an excellent investment, not only for functional purposes but also to enhance the atmosphere of your home by facilitating aesthetics by merely being there.

PEDINI cabinets are a great place to start. The luxury cabinet maker and interior design pioneer have kitchen showrooms in Miami, and you can get your custom kitchen cabinets in Miami straight from them. Once you’ve got your cabinets installed, use them to your advantage and save some room for decor as the seasons and holidays change.