What Colors Should You Consider for Your Living Room

What Colors Should You Consider for Your Living Room

Popular Paint Colors or Your Colors? You may be considering painting your living room with popular paint colors but are concerned that these colors change each year. For example, in 2018, an article on au courant living room colors suggested soft lilac, dark plum, and spruce blue. Two years later, the trending colors in 2020

What Are the Best Ceiling Paints to Use?

What Are the Best Ceiling Paints to Use?

A paint job is not complete without painting the ceiling. Here are some tips and tricks on how to choose ceiling paint, plus tips on which ones are best for the job. How to Paint a Ceiling Painting a ceiling can be a challenge for newbies. It would help if you began by painting the

Halloween Home Decor

Halloween Home Decor Ideas for Your Miami Home

It’s an officially spooky season again, and although it might not yet feel like fall in Florida, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up your home in honor of Halloween being right around the corner. Not only is Halloween home decor easily found at most any store this time of year, but you can also

Crown Molding

Home Improvement 101: All You Need to Know About Crown Molding

If you’ve watched enough HGTV in your lifetime, you might know a thing or two about crown molding. It adds some visual elegance to any room, and many homeowners see it as a bonus when it comes to house hunting. But aside from it being something that looks nice in a home, what is crown

Holiday Cabinet Decor Ideas

Holiday Cabinet Decor Ideas Throughout The Year

You’ve worked hard for and invested time and money in your cabinets, but did you know that you can now make them work for you, too?  Holiday home decor automatically makes your home’s atmosphere feel more bright, cozy and inviting. It also gives you a chance to show off your style and add a personal