Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Cabinetry dominates most of your kitchen space and is one of the first things you notice when you walk into the room. This means that the way your kitchen cabinets look will determine the overall “vibe” of your kitchen space. 

Whether you prefer traditional or modern styles, bright colors or muted tones, sleek shapes, or farmhouse textures, here are a few cabinet styles to inspire your next kitchen makeover. 

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets 

Modern cabinets are a great way to transform a dated looking-kitchen. Kitchen styles have evolved in recent years, with contemporary styles that prioritize simple, sleek designs, ample storage space, and maximized functionality. 

For modern kitchen cabinets, doors that are sleek, simple, and handleless make for the ultimate combination of contemporary and sophisticated.

Modern cabinets create a brighter, tidier kitchen space and a more open feel. PEDINI’s sleek sliding cabinets conceal appliances and utensils for an optimized and aesthetic solution for a contemporary space.

Metallic Kitchen Cabinets 

Metallic Kitchen Cabinets

Metal cabinet finishes can make your kitchen design pop. The dynamic and articulated style gives kitchen spaces a modern and industrial look.  

Oxidized metal and antique metal finishes are offered with PEDINI’s K016 line. The range’s overall theme is highlighted by its acquisition of functionality, technology, and brand customization. 

Solid Wood Cabinets 

From classic to modern, and every style in between, solid wood cabinetry makes for a sleek and timeless addition to your kitchen space. Hardwood is also one of the most durable materials for kitchen wall cabinets, making it perfect if you want your kitchen to be long-lasting. 

PEDINI’s reclaimed wood cabinets give your living environment a captivating vintage style. With options for increased storage or to conceal appliances with integrated panels.

Glass Cabinets 

Glass display cabinets can lighten up a kitchen and are great for showing off your favorite flatware and other decorative objects. Glass cabinets are also one of the best for making the room feel more spacious.

PEDINI’s Glass cabinetry makes kitchen spaces feel tidy and offers a stylish way to display the objects you love. The frame of the glass doors has an easy handgrip that allows you to open and close its doors with simplicity and features an aluminum profile in various finishes. 

Multicolored Cabinets 

Paint cabinets to different colors to give your kitchen extra dimension. For the best result, use a lighter color that blends into a light backsplash for upper cabinetry. For cabinetry that stretches to the floor, use a complimenting darker toned color to ground the space.  

Open Kitchen Cabinets

Another way to make your kitchen feel more spacious and display your favorite pots and pans is by skipping the cabinet doors altogether. The open cabinet design is stylish and functional and is great for accessing cooking ware, utensils, and spices with ease. 

Shaker Style Cabinets 

White laundry room boasts white shaker cabinets, brown grey glass backsplash with modern tiles and modern washer with dryer placed under brown counter.

Classic, shaker cabinets are ideal for a traditional kitchen space. Easily identified by the recessed paneling on the cabinet doors, this style is popular for its simple yet sophisticated look. 

Shaker kitchen cabinets are monochromatic and are available in a wide variety of colors. However, lighter hues like whites, creams, and pastels are the most popular.   

Beadboard Cabinets 

White cabinet, half open, empty space for product display, light blue wall paint, white beadboard or wainscoting

Beadboard is one of the most popular cabinet door styles for the ultra-trendy “farmhouse” style kitchen. Resemblant of classic paneling, the style consists of vertical slats of wood and is most often painted white.  


The color and style of your cabinets will determine your kitchen’s overall feel. It is important to carefully consider your home’s aesthetic and understand all of the cabinetry options available before determining the best custom kitchen cabinets for your space. 

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