Typical Costs for a Kitchen Remodel

The cost to remodel kitchen areas can vary according to the source. As one example, the referral service Home Advisor suggests that a designer kitchen remodel can cost over $20,000, further suggesting $60,000 for a high-end remodel, and a national average of $25,100. Even things like your zip code can also impact the cost of kitchen cabinets.

Of course, many things will influence what you might expect to spend on remodeling a kitchen. It's not an accurate estimate to ask how much a 10×10 kitchen remodel should cost as many factors contribute to this. Obviously, a small kitchen remodel will be less than an extensive overhaul of the space. A complete kitchen remodel includes updating the existing kitchen floorplan, the flooring, as well as some or all of the appliances, and perhaps the lighting as well.

Other Factors Affecting the Cost of Kitchen Remodel Plans

You may have other factors that can influence your kitchen renovation costs. This includes whether your building is a historical structure, if an insurance claim will cover some or all of the costs, whether you will be living in the house during remodeling, and if you will need to rent additional storage or not.

Learn why PEDINI prides itself on offering not only the most personalized but also the most trustworthy service in the industry. PEDINI promises to keep you informed at each step of the way during their custom kitchen remodels.

Requirements for a Designer Kitchen Remodel

Here are some decisions that you’ll need to make prior to remodeling kitchen areas:

  • Does your home interior mandate keeping the look cohesive with a particular style, like vintage or modern minimalist? 
  • How many decisions are you comfortable making about the master design, or would you prefer to have the overall design done by a seasoned professional?

Why Use an Internationally Known Name Instead of Smaller Kitchen Remodelers

Ideally, you want to engage a company that is an expert at integrating style, convenience, and innovation. Working with professionals of this caliber ensures a seamless buying and installation experience, rather than a hodgepodge of vendors, contractors, and logistic nightmares.

If you’re seeking a flawless design, you will want to work with a designer that has a solid reputation. Kitchens need to be functional. PEDINI Miami focuses on harmonizing functionality and comfort with aesthetics. The firm also knows about working with general contractors, interior designers, architects, and others.

You can view some of the kitchen collections on their online showcase. There are eight designer kitchen collections, including the following:

  • ARTS & CRAFTS  This collection incorporates separate workstations (think islands) with familial artistic and vintage elements.   
  • MOKA  Combines modular sections conceived with respect to technical function and compositional balance.
  • ARTIKA  These kitchens are understated elegance, often with bridge elements.
  • EKO  Incorporating subtle contrasts of tone and texture, with streamlined surfaces.
  • MATERIKA  Structural, distinctly modern design, with lacquered finishes and other fine finishes.
  • K016  Hi-tech and dynamic through chromatic surprises and functional bridge elements. 
  • ARKÈ  An open, linear design with both a future-oriented feel and classic elements.
  • DUNE  Curved lines introduce a fluid, organic element that emphasizes an awareness of space. 

Each of the PEDINI kitchen collections provides a carefully thought-out design marriage between form and function. They are designed to transition with ease from elegant entertaining space, to master culinary workspace, to intimate family gatherings. 

The artistic collaboration that has gone into these collections helps to simplify a myriad of selection details, while adjustments for your personal preferences make it your own. In addition to viewing the collections online, you are invited to take a virtual tour of many of the elegant kitchen products that PEDINI Miami has realized for their South Florida clients.

Visit the Projects page on our website and click on “Kitchens” to view diverse Italian designs for homes in Pinecrest, Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, and more.

As a direct seller of high-end products and appliances in Miami, you can expect exceptional quality, a wealth of options, and a seamless buying and installation experience in remodeled kitchens.

Pedini Artika Kitchen

Attention to Details and Full Turn-key Projects: Appliances Included

PEDINI can complete your new kitchen with sleek, high-end appliances that harmonize with your individual kitchen to create a seamless, unified look. All appliances incorporated into PEDINI designs are carefully selected with the user in mind, combining the virtues of ease of use and flexibility, along with timeless beauty. The premium global brand Miele is a PEDINI Miami favorite. 

Different ranges can be combined to forge a unique kitchen for your inner chef’s desires. If our clients envision a unit outside of the standard modular elements, PEDINI Miami will offer a ‘made to fit’ service.


PEDINI Miami is a company that holds itself to high standards for respecting the individual and the environment.  Ergonomics are a priority for PEDINI designers, who ensure that every kitchen that they create meets the demands of a modern kitchen for ease of use. PEDINI takes the same care with the environment–using 100% post-consumption, recycled wood, and eco-friendly materials. 

Thoroughness and Longevity

Every PEDINI kitchen is completely ready for hand-off to its new owner. Manuals and cleaning kits are provided to our clients to ensure their kitchen is maintained throughout its lifespan. In addition, the PEDINI designs themselves include a 10-Year Warranty.

PEDINI Miami's outstanding reputation as an industry leader emerges from its long experience in design and manufacturing for turnkey properties. PEDINI Miami has access to design innovations, new materials, and the best processes from around the world due to its international parent company and a factory in Italy.


Rather than worry about the average cost of a kitchen remodel, consider your home an exclusive retreat for some of the finest hours of your life.

Rather than worry about the average cost of a kitchen remodel, consider your home an exclusive retreat for some of the finest hours of your life.

We invite homeowners to contact PEDINI Miami for a free consultation and estimate on your turn-key project. Our Coral Gables showroom is located in Miami, Florida, and open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. We also offer weekend hours by appointment.