David Rousso Sr., President of Pedini Miami & Principal Designer

At PEDINI Miami, we offer a luxurious and dynamic way of living within the home. We know the importance of providing the client with the look they desire inside the home and the correct functionality. As the owner and lead designer of PEDINI Miami, I oversee all of the projects that come in. I have always had a passion for design. Being a designer allows me to solve problems by finding multiple ways to improve the layout and functionalities of different areas of the home.  I work diligently with my design team to ensure that our client’s requests are fully met.


As the owner of PEDINI Miami, I take on the responsibility of ensuring my team is providing an effortless experience from the beginning of the design process to the final installation. Our goal as a team is to build a trustworthy and effective channel of communication between the client and ourselves, so they can rely on us every step of the way. 

David Rousso Jr

Vice President of PEDINI Miami

Carlos Fernandez

Lead Designer

Daniel Quintans


Alfonso Chamo

Installations Supervisor

Michelle Marie

Designer Assistant

Andreina De Abreu