Interior Doors


Pedini Miami, has doors that open up a new world.

Pedini Miami offers a wide selection of contemporary interior doors for the modern Miami home. Have a look at our inventory and find beautiful veneered wood, sleek glass panels, polished fiberglass, and many other styles that make the most elegant room transitions. Simple but refined, our interior doors and closet doors are designed to harmonize with contemporary living spaces, while still looking custom-made for every home. 

As a leading source of high-end modern interior door designs for homes in Miami, FL, you can expect a satisfying shopping experience and materials that you will enjoy for years to come. We can help you realize your vision by bringing fresh ideas to your concepts. Our doors are not only functional and sturdy, they also make for impressive accents or statement pieces. They dress up any room with their refined textures, define a room’s décor, or emphasize the elegance of a contemporary home, while still being space-saving in their design. 

Our doors also come in different styles, with various mechanisms: if you’re designing a condo, then our stylish sliding doors offer space-saving qualities. For space-conscious additions to your design, our slim doors and glass variations are a likewise a great choice.

Pedini Miami helps Miami residents create a functional and stylish home with its catalog of modern interior door designs. Explore the collection and find the door that matches your vision.