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design: Alfredo Zengiaro
The philosophy of the project refers to the couple “vintage – innovation” intended as vocation towards the past which sets a new life style and design. This new style proposes to evolve the minimalism: from the contact to object intended as simplicity and clearness of shapes to the recovery of rationalism and functionality, tied to the real qualities and to the materials that characterise the kitchen. Natural essences, iron looks, solid woods and cement effect resins mark out a style which might undertake two different but complementary directions: urban chic and rustic charm. The style “urban chic” expresses itself through the usage of pewter finish on metals, whereas the style “rustic charm” expresses itself through the usage of weathering steel finish on metals. These are two finishes of metals oxidized by time, whereas the cement effect resins and the wood give to sight and touch a “live” effect. The metal is on stage, through its descriptive power and its sensorial combinations, with a look to the future and one to the past. Maximum customisation to create a modern “kitchen studio”, where the elements thought in the concept planning of the “broke up” kitchen can merge and integrate perfectly, in a whole space dedicated to conviviality and total living. The “broke up” kitchen is identified by working areas and their connected elements: cooking and washing up area – both in an island or on a wall – storage areas and appliances areas, snack preparation areas, functional base made of metal sheet. The working areas can perfectly integrate in a traditional layout made of base and wall units. A kitchen seen through strongly connotative elements characterising the couple company trademark – product which proposes again, through new functions and materials, a new way of designing the home space.

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