Modern Home Decor Ideas

If your living space is feeling outdated, a modern renovation is a great way to give it new life. There are many style options for a contemporary looking staircase ideas, which enables you to be creative. 

Staircases are often the focal point of a room, and a modern staircase is a great way to make a statement. Beautifully designed staircases merge form and function to get you from one floor to the next while making your interior spaces look chic. 

From floating stairs and intricate designs to industrial metals or glass railings, here are a few staircase ideas to inspire the design for your own stylish stairwell. 

Suspended or Floating Wooden Stairs 

Most interior stairways are built from hardwood, but creative staircase designs can make wooden stairs look like modern art.  

Floating Stairs

Floating Stairs

A floating staircase is designed to look like each step is suspended in the air without any support. This is achieved by a special mount attached to the wall or hidden underneath the treads of the steps. 

The sleek appearance of floating stairs complements almost any interior design. Versatile, they can be installed in a variety of ways, depending on the space’s floor plan and sizing. When used with an open floor plan, floating stairs bring extra light into a space. Wood is optimal for floating stairs because of its thickness, and because it can be easily cut, it offers more design options. 

A floating style is also an excellent option for basement stairs, as the extra space underneath allows for increased storage options like modern closets and special cabinets

Floating stairs are available in a variety of styles, including: 

  • L-shaped 
  • Spiral 
  • Straight 
  • U-shape 

Suspended Stairs 

Suspended Stairs

For a more dramatic effect, elevate the look of floating steps with a suspended staircase. This style forgoes traditional stair supports and uses a tension system, like a suspension bridge, to hold the stairs in place. 

Metal Open Staircase

Metal Open Staircase
modern staircase architecture desing home indoor

Metal staircases can give your space an elegant modern look or an industrial vibe. Metal is versatile, meaning it can be constructed in a variety of design styles and shapes. There are several metals that can be used to make stairs, and each offers its own color and aesthetic.  

In addition to its versatility, metal staircases are less effort to maintain than hardwood, as they do not require any finishes or sealants. Resistant to temperature and humidity changes, they also offer more durability than wood. 

Combine metals steps with wood, glass, or cable railings and hardware to complete the look. 

Clear Glass Stairway Railings

Clear Glass Stairway Railings

Glass railings are one of the more unique interior stair railing ideas, best for a sleek and modern room design

Sturdy and durable, adding a glass railing also increases the safety of an open staircase design without forgoing the natural light and modern effect. In some ways, they are also safer than normal railings, as the steel fasteners do not lose structural integrity in the way that nailed-in wooden rails will over time. 

Glass looks best with neutral tones and will complement a mostly white interior nicely. However, with the right design ideas, it can make a statement with bold colors.  


When renovating an interior space, don’t overlook the importance of the staircase. More than just a way to take you between floors, stairs can make a statement and become modern art. 

There are a variety of stylish staircase options, and you should consult with a professional designer to determine how to make stairs work best in your space.