What to Know About Kitchen Sink Sizes

The kitchen is the beating heart of any home. You eat here. Your kids might play here and do their homework at the dining table. But there’s one thing every kitchen has: a useful, functional sink.

The kitchen sink is used for washing dishes, hands, and a range of culinary tasks. Homebrewers, you might sterilize wine jars here. Home chefs, maybe you need a big space for straining pasta and draining veggies. That’s why kitchen sink sizes vary so much because sink dimensions need to match the needs of the home.

Sink Shapes

Kitchen sinks come in all shapes and sizes. Different sink shape variants may include:

  • D bowls with one flat and one curved side
  • Square sinks
  • Rectangular sinks
  • Curved or asymmetrical sinks

Sinks also come in a variety of materials, something to consider when thinking about both the durability of your kitchen sink choice and how it will match your existing or desired kitchen décor. Popular and practical materials for kitchen sinks include:

  • Granite
  • Stainless steel
  • Fireclay

Styles of Kitchen Sink

How a sink fits into your kitchen cabinets very much depends on the style you’re going to go for.

  • The farmhouse-style sink has an exposed front which may even overhang the cabinet edge
  • Undermount kitchen sinks are literally mounted beneath the kitchen cabinets using clamps or other fixings, to hide the rim of the sink
  • Wall-mounted kitchen sinks echo a common bathroom styling of hanging the sink directly off of the wall
  • The drop in the kitchen sink is very common as it allows a sink to drop directly into a pre-measured and cut hole in the countertop
  • A corner sink can be a real utility sink in that it can save space and provide more washing and draining area Prep sinks are often small kitchen sinks that are added in addition to the main kitchen sink, sometimes within a kitchen island

Kitchen Sink Dimensions: What Are My Choices?

Sink sizes depend on several variables. Before you look at the right sink size for your kitchen, you really need to know your countertop width. This won’t matter if you’re having a whole kitchen custom-built, but it will be important when replacing a sink in an existing kitchen. Don’t just measure the existing sink; your kitchen designer or sink provider will need to know the exact dimensions of existing kitchen cabinets.

Standard sink sizes range from nine inches long to as much as 40 inches. They also come in small and large varieties and are often designed for different purposes.

Benefits of a Small Kitchen Sink

Small kitchen sinks are an obvious advantage in a small home or apartment. Not every kitchen can house a massive sink. In fact, filling a countertop with a huge sink could remove valuable food preparation space. Small sinks are often the only choice for fitting into kitchen islands, like within the Pedina Materika range.

A small sink can also take away the temptation to fill it with dirty dishes. A kitchen with a built-in dishwashing appliance may not need a large sink, so a small sink could be the space-saving utility you need.

Benefits of a Large Kitchen Sink

A deep sink allows you to have a greater amount of versatility in the kitchen. Families will use it for washing up, prepping food, rinsing off baby toys, just about anything you can think of. Single folks and couples who cook need a big sink for culinary purposes, plus a large kitchen sink can be used for any number of crafting purposes.

Sometimes, a big sink just looks fantastic, too. However, in a smaller space, the small kitchen sink could be the aesthetically pleasing choice.

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sink dimensions tend to be between 30 and 39 inches on the long side. Talk to an expert about what size kitchen cabinet is required to house this. Some farmhouse sinks look great hanging over the edge of the cabinet, but not all kitchens will support this. If you decide to go for a farmhouse sink, it does have a real wow factor and is sizeable enough for most needs.

Have you decided what sink size you need? Regardless of average kitchen sizes, your sink depends very much on your personal needs and how much you’re going to use it. Speak to a PEDINI professional kitchen designer who will help you realize your kitchen dreams.

Takeaway: Every home is individual, meaning that the standard kitchen sink size might not be suitable for everyone. Deep kitchen sinks, small kitchen sinks, and even small sinks for kitchen islands all provide a different level of utility. Understanding the needs of the homeowner and their kitchen will help determine the ideal size for the kitchen sink.

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