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Contemporary Kitchen Designers by Pedini Miami

The world class quality of Pedini kitchens and modern cabinets comes to Miami, bringing chic, ergonomic, contemporary kitchen design. Manufacturing high end, Italian kitchens for architects, high rise builders, multi-unit housing developers and a variety of clients since the 1950's, Pedini is one of the most well-known Italian kitchen design brands worldwide. As a leader in the kitchen design industry, Pedini is committed to R&D, consistently staying ahead of the latest trends, introducing stylish new finishes, and creating cutting edge design concepts.

Pedini Miami's level of excellence in quality and design concepts consistently raises the bar in the kitchen design industry, setting a new standard of creativity, quality, and beauty. The innovative designs quickly become classics in the industry and are the designs that are emulated by other kitchen design brands.

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Modern Kitchen Designer Miami

Ergonomic Kitchen Designs

The efficiency in our designs is paramount; features like sliding tables, suspended base units, and other integrations ensure the most fluid, productive and modern kitchens

Modern Wall Units Designer Miami

Color-match Service

Pedini’s spot-on color matching allows for kitchens and bathrooms customized to your color of choice and often times, any material of your choice.

Modern Custom Closet Designer Miami

Superb Aftercare

Even after you have your new Pedini kitchen and bath, we provide you with maintenance manuals and cleaning kits to keep your kitchen well maintained and looking its best for years to come.

Modern Wall Units Designer Miami

Eco-friendly Products

Creating green kitchens is a top priority at Pedini, where we use 100% recycled wood and eco-friendly materials. Our kitchens and bath cabinets contain some of the lowest amounts of formaldehyde in the industry. Before going green was a fad, we have been manufacturing our products with the environment in mind.

10 Year Warranty

When you have a quality product, you defend it. That’s why we offer a 10-year warranty on all Pedini designs.

Designing a modern kitchen adapted to each home in Miami is a difficult artistic and spatial exercise. Satisfy the needs of your customers with a kitchen that encapsulates a quality life, cooking, eating, relaxing and entertaining.

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Flexibility in our Concepts

While many other European kitchen design companies develop concepts that are meant to be cohesive looks, our designs feature interchangeable elements that can be easily mixed and matched to create a totally unique kitchen. Custom made kitchens and baths can be created to suit your individual style and taste.