Custom closets in Miami

PEDINI has the style and expertise to deliver the best custom closet of your dreams. We offer functional and luxurious walk-in closets that offer an efficient use of  space with components and accessories to organize your personal items to help elevate and simplify your life. Alternatively, we also offer wardrobe closet that gives you the necessary storage you need for your clothing and accessories while also stylishly conforming to the room with elegant lines and finishes.

Walk in Closets

PEDINI Miami’s expertly crafted custom closets integrate flawless storage and organization solutions.

The Omnia Collection

The Pedini walk-in closets confer shape and substance to the dreamlike concept of true Italian quality. They stand out for the quality of strong + safe raw materials, and cutting-edge technology leveraged by our workmanship. They are both functional and aesthetic allowing for extreme modularity and the combination of endless finishes.

Stepping into one of our premier walk-in closets is like walking into a relaxing space that is all your own. With closets like Gemini and Antares you will feel powerful as you stand amidst the spacious layout and admire the functional craftsmanship. Others like, like Virgo and Islands, will give you a quiet place to go to and reflect in a stylish setting. Luxury modern walk in closet is expected in all modern homes, especially if they want to look stylish.


Wardrobe Closets

Design, aesthetics, ergonomics, and practical use all define the main characteristics of our wardrobe collection.

The Zenith Collection

The tradition of artisan workmanship combined with top-level technology are combined together to create a collection of wardrobes’ with multiple solutions. Beauty makes its entry into every room with quality materials and exquisite finishes. Our manufacturing is so excellent we pride ourselves on even the smallest details such as ultra-silent components and shock absorbent closures.

Functionality and style go hand-in-hand with our wardrobe closets. Foehn will appeal to you as it allows you to show off the clothes you are most proud of. Solano and Volturno have a sleek design that blends in easily. Create the space you need without making your closet the focal point of your room. And Zefiro Scirolcco blends multiple materials to create an elegant look that blends right into your home.