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Discover the world of Pedini Living Rooms to create the hub of your home with the right mix of luxury, design and comfort.

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Whether you are creating an entertainment center, a place for your television, or a custom bar you’ve come to the right place.

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Our master builders create unique, modern entertainment centers and bar stations using the highest grade of materials, finishes, custom doors and accent pieces that can integrate seamlessly into your existing décor.

Living Room Design Miami

Indulge in a style that is both luxurious and functional with this living room design in Miami. Customize your home the way you like it with easy-to-style design pieces and designers that are experts at creating upscale looks.


Contemporary and Modern Living Room Design Miami

The trendy modern look of dark colors and sharp edges meets the soft, chic look of contemporary Miami living room design. Choose the pieces you like best and rearrange them to fit the room style and size you’re looking to design. This design is fully customizable and easy to create in any living space. The trendy, sunny city of Miami calls for design that pops, which is precisely what you’ll find at Pedini Design.


Customizable Designs

Choosing a look that fits your taste and style is the utmost important factor to consider when putting together your customizable living room design in Miami. Our professional builders have a unique sense of spacing and alignment to build the perfect design pieces for your home. Since we build your design from the ground up, it is always fully customizable with options such as bookcases, design frames, bar cut-outs, and other functional yet decorative pieces.


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Your home is your happy place, so reach out to Pedini for a full consultation and pricing information on your dream living room design in Miami today. Not only do you get excellent service, but you’ll finally have the living room design you’ve always dreamed of.