About Us

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, we provide our customers with Italian-designed furnishings of the highest standard and style. Our process gives you the most personalized and trustworthy service in the industry while keeping you informed each step of the way. Our design team aims to create the best possible design solutions mixing superlative functionality and design with top-spec materials for the ultimate living statement.


Pedini Miami's reputation as an industry leader comes from years of experience in areas of design and manufacturing, and a result of a unique combination of elements:

•  Access to design and materials innovations, trends and processes from around the globe.

•  A factory in Italy which allows us to produce almost any design our clients can imagine.

•  Highly-trained designers, sales associates and installers with long employment histories at Pedini Miami.

•  Years of experience working with well known, detail-oriented homeowners and high-profile individuals.

•  Knowledge in working with general contractors, architects, interior designers and more.


Pedini is a trendsetter; we have a dedication to creating designs are always unique, fresh and are sure to break new ground for Italian kitchen designers everywhere.


Different ranges can be combined to create an utterly unique kitchen. If the client requires a unit outside of the standard modular elements, the company will offer a ‘made to fit’ service.

Bespoke Color Service

Clients are asked to provide a sample of the required color and lacquering can be precisely matched to the sample.


Pedini uses 100% post consumption, recycled wood and eco-friendly materials. Our products have the absolute lowest amount of formaldehyde in the industry.


Manuals and cleaning kits are provided to clients to ensure the kitchen is maintained throughout its lifespan.

10 Year Warranty

When you have a quality product, you defend it. That’s why we offer a 10-year warranty on all Pedini designs


This is a priority for Pedini designers to ensure that Pedini products meet the demands of a modern kitchen.


The Italian companies we collaborate with are leaders and influencers in their fields, who dedicate their craftsmanship to continuously achieving excellence in design and production.