Customer Services

From product to service, there is the person in the center. Relying on PEDINI for quality is a valuable choice. It starts from the design consultancy and continues with a careful post-sales service.

Continuous research for materials and solutions that improve daily lives.
A deep passion for the beauty, trends and contemporary lifestyle.
Attention to details,product durability and minimal environmental impact
A concept of living that primarily thinks to real people.


Creating new designs in your home is a major investment. That is why, confident of the high quality that distinguishes us, we are happy to offer all of our clients the possibility to extend your warranty 8 years more. From the date of delivery, your PEDINI design is free from any drawback of manufacture or assembly. You have the possibility to extend such a guarantee for another 8 years if you return to PEDINI Miami with a completed coupon and within 30 days of your project's installation.

Pedini 10year Warranty Logo
Pedini Maintanence Manual


Due to our ongoing commitment to research, quality, and design, we are able to develop products that help maintain your home's original beauty. View our Maintenance Manual, with included Cleaning and Touch-up Kits to help maintain the quality for many years after