If you’re trying to remodel your bathroom, the worst thing you can do is forget to paint. Old paint can make the best decor look tacky, which is especially true in places with good lighting. Even by swapping your fixtures for something new from a great company like PEDINI’s, your bathroom will not look “new” if your bathroom walls and ceiling are grimy.

Painting your bathroom, however, isn’t quite like painting other areas of your home. For starters, not all paint works well for the bathroom walls. Instead, you’ll need to find paint that not only looks great but can withstand the varying increases in humidity and moisture. You can choose bathroom paint colors according to your design. Here is what you need to know before you paint the bathroom.


Tips for Finding Best Paint for Bathrooms




Prioritize Anti-Mold Paint: Because of the varying levels of humidity in your bathroom, you’ll want something that lasts and protects from mildew and mold. Paint that is not resistant can quickly become home to mildew, so you’ll also want to be diligent about your paint type.

Consider a Finish: A gloss, semi-gloss, or satin will not only make your bathroom shine, but it can also help fight mold. While finishes aren’t inherently mold resistant, they are easier to clean than non-finished surfaces, which can help prevent mold even where you didn’t use mildew resistant paint.

Latex Based Paints: While oil-based paints are known for durability, they are difficult to apply and release volatile chemicals during the application process. Fortunately, newer latex paints are made to be much more durable than their prior counterparts. Latex also dries quickly and doesn’t release toxic fumes, making it a great paint choice.

Best Paint or Showers: Your shower sees the most moisture, so while you may opt for a gloss or semi-gloss finish on your other walls, you’ll definitely want mildew resistant paint in the shower.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix: Your bathroom is home to several surfaces. You may end up using a bathroom ceiling paint and a different shower paint. This may actually be better than using the same type of paint throughout as long as the paint texture isn’t too different, and you are color coordinating.


Choosing Colors for Best Bathroom Paint




Color selection is important when it comes to your bathroom. You’ll want a pleasant color and one that matches your bathroom décor. Here are a few more tips:

Avoid Bright Colors: Bright colors reflect light and can recast light to alter the hue of your bathroom and even your reflection, which is not something you want when you are getting ready in your bathroom mirror each morning. Whites, pastels, and cream colors are all excellent choices for the bathroom because they do not recast light.

Try a Few: With so many available options, don’t be afraid to try a few samples in each color family to see what you like best. After all, you’ll be seeing that new bathroom color for a while.

Give Yourself a Chance to Play: Don’t be afraid to sample colors and even test them for stain resistance. Professionals will apply a coat of paint to a sampler, and then add stain-inducing substances such as coffee or dirt before cleaning the sampler and checking that the paint has returned to its original color.

Coordinate: If you’re in the middle of a full-on bathroom overhaul, you’ll want to make sure that your paint matches your new sink and tub as well as your existing, or new, bathroom accessories. Satin, semi-gloss, or glossy finish with a mildew-resistant additive best paint for bathroom ceiling.



Best Paint for Bathrooms


While this is not an exhaustive list, here are the best paint for ceiling and walls:

Behr Premium Plus: This paint is self-priming so that you don’t have to do the extra work of adding a primer, and it is environmentally friendly. At only $32.00, this paint is also a great bargain!

– Benjamin Moore’s Aura: This paint is specifically designed for surfaces that see a lot of moisture. It’s a little bit pricier, at $72.00, but also promises to be more durable.

– HGTV Home: At $45.78, this paint is a good balance between quality and price.  


Best Shower Paint:


– Rust-Oleum’s Finishing Kit: If you like the color of your shower, but need to spruce up the paint job, this is a great option.

White Owl Enamel Paint: This is paint is specially designed for tiles and bathroom cabinets and costs $37.25.


Best Paint Finish for Bathrooms


– Zinsser White Semi-Gloss Finish: This is a durable finish that only costs $13.98 at Lowe’s.


Before You Paint


Clean all surfaces: Before you paint your bathroom, you’ll want to give your bathroom walls a thorough cleaning. This will help the paint go on more smoothly and extend the life of your fresh paint job. You should never paint over mold or mildew; not only will this cause your new paint to damage more quickly, but it can lead to serious health conditions.

Use a Primer: A mold-resistant primer will help avoid cracking or peeling. This is a bit of extra work, but it will keep moisture from crawling through your paint and causing damage, which is a common occurrence in showers.


Tips for Painting a Bathroom


Invest in Good Supplies: In addition to finding quality paint, you’ll also want good brushes to make the application process go as smoothly as possible.

Protect What You Arent Painting: Tape covers over the areas that are not being painted. Things that can be moved out of the bathroom, such as non-fixed furniture and accessories, should be removed before you start to paint. Finally, remember to protect your mirror as well.

Take Your Time: It may be tempting to finish everything in one go. However, rushing the paint job often means more mistakes and poorer overall results.

Ask for Help: If this is your first time painting, or if you have a lot on your plate, don’t be afraid to ask for, or even hire, help.

After Youre Done: Once you finish painting, avoid the bathroom until the next day to allow the paint to dry completely.

While painting your bathroom can be a challenge, it can also be a lot of fun and, if you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to end up with a great new bathroom that you’ll love.