You spend time in the bathroom every day, morning and night, and in between. While a bathroom is generally considered the second-most-expensive room to remodel, you will appreciate the upgrades in comfort and design that make for a modern bathroom. The custom bathroom vanities in this elegant bathroom add a touch of personalized luxury.

Modern Bathroom Characteristics


Modern Bathroom Characteristics


Some characteristics of a modern bathroom

Should be researched and planned for the integrity of the design.

Need to have a defined color scheme, usually embracing a predominantly light or white base and a few natural inclusions of natural materials like basketry or teak.

Must have sufficient storage solutions to stow products out of sight.

Can have either fresh flowers or a low-light tolerant plant.

May include candles to set the scene of relaxation.

To design a modern bathroom think minimalism, streamlined, and clean lines. You may want to work with design professionals that can help with the planning and construction.

Seek a firm like PEDINI, which

Factors in 100% post-consumption, recycled wood

Uses eco-friendly materials and

Provides a warranty on product and installation.

PEDINI incorporates luxury Italian design to fashion custom bathroom cabinet pieces, with years of experience in the industry.

Visit PEDINI Miami website for designs and download their catalog which is replete with ideas. Another place for images to stoke your imagination is Pinterest. View a few videos that introduce the Konmarie Approach to reducing clutter. Study Feng shui ideas to improve the vibes that your bathroom design sends.

Here are a few ideas from Feng shui that make sense for modern bathrooms:

Keep your bathroom well-ventilated to allow the air and energy to flow unimpeded.

The bathroom should be well-lit (recessed lighting adds more modernity).

Use beautiful and peaceful colors like greens and blues.

Keep the toilet lid down after use and the door closed.

Add wood elements to balance the water.

Contemporary bathrooms often feature bidets, rainshower shower heads, and large, ceiling-to-floor plate-glass windows to let in natural light. The concept of less is more includes stowing away personal hygiene equipment and thinking of the bathroom as a retreat from the stress of daily life. If you have the room, introduce a seating element besides the toilet seat.

Additions like dual flush toilets and free-standing tubs have been making inroads into bathroom design. Mirrors with back-lit lights go well with contemporary bathroom design elements. New lighting can take your bathroom from drab to fab very quickly. Visit PEDINI’s website for bathroom design Miami, including recessed lighting ideas.

More Modern Bathroom Ideas

You may want to visit both big-box home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot to find Miami bathroom vanities and then tour bathroom showrooms in Miami that can provide custom bathroom cabinets. You may want to look at a catalog of materials and designs. Some of the most innovative trends are to have open designs with floating bathroom cabinets to open up the space visually.

Another way you can modernize your bathroom is to substitute the standard bath mat with an unexpectedly small rug in an oriental design, or a bathmat that uses synthetic material yet looks like an organic weave of jute. Real jute is an option as well, as long as it doesn’t get soaked. Turkish cotton is an alternative material bringing natural material into the design scheme. Bamboo hard wooden mats also have an impact on modern and practical design.

If you have a small bathroom, you can use high-contrast ideas, like rustic wood and high-tech metal accents. Or, to keep your bathroom feeling modern for years, by trying a monochromatic element, with all of the singular colors in a muted scheme such as pewter or gun-metal, or all marble and neutral design. Marble floors can be sandblasted to be less slippery underfoot.

Polished concrete brings a hip, industrial feel to high-tech bathrooms but incorporates something that brings life to a small place, such as a low-light needing plant or small cactus which can get light from a bathroom window.

Play with light, as there are thousands of designs to illuminate the space and highlight both architectural design elements and better visibility for grooming activities. Consider something unexpected in lighting by installing a small chandelier to impart elegance and substantial but subdued light. Try using a dimmer switch to alternate between bright light and soft, diffused light.

Modern bathrooms can also embrace an open concept, sometimes incorporating privacy glass as a barrier. You might incorporate one art element such as a painting or sculpture as a focal point of interest.


Modern bathrooms are defined by clean lines, and simple, elegant design. Contemporary bathrooms often incorporate the newest materials to create a relaxing and sophisticated bathroom space.

Use modern materials but always find out and heed advice for cleaning and maintaining the bathroom materials. Contemporary bathrooms use some of the finest materials and keeping them clean and shiny will do much to make your bathroom inviting and will protect your investment. If you’d like the best in bathroom design Miami, visit PEDINI for inspiration.