The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. Since you spend so much time in your bathroom space, it should be more than just a place for grooming, but also a relaxing sanctuary of sorts. The best bathroom designs for modern homes are not only functional but relaxing, comfortable, and luxurious as well.

If you’ve been putting off your new modern bathroom renovation or are looking for fresh new ideas for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these beautiful, sleek modern bathroom designs sure to take any bathroom sanctuary to the upper echelon. 

1. Spa Oasis 

Spa Oasis
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Come home to your own 5-star spa every single day. Turning your bathroom into your very own in-home spa has become increasingly popular, as spa-style bathrooms not only look stylish but offer a tranquil retreat at the end of a long day. A well-designed bathroom space should promote good health and well-being while reducing stress.

PEDINI’s Wellness bathroom collection is the definition of soothing, minimalist comfort. Wellness is a complete system of coordinated and integrated solutions, a state of being in constant advancement. It represents an innovative furnishing solution for the bathroom where contemporary research and durability are crucial.

2. Neutral Contemporary

Neutral Contemporary

Closeup of modern bathroom sink with neutral granite countertop and mirror, green plant in pot

Looking for a sharp, elegant, contemporary design? Although perfect for any space, the crisp lines and minimalist structure of a contemporary bathroom remodel and design make even the smallest spaces look chic. Aside from projecting a larger bathroom’s appearance, a contemporary design will instantly provide an added “wow” factor to the space.

PEDINI’s GOLA collection is an elegant, simple, yet timeless design that interprets contemporary style. The sleek patterns complement lacquered colors and accessories to create an elegant but inviting space. In addition, an array of multi-sided and connector end units generates compact composition solutions with a real visual impression.

3. Modern Metallic Design

Modern Metallic Design

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Give your bathroom a contemporary revamp with a fresh, metallic look. Subtle but impactful, metallic accents can add a modern pop to any design, especially when properly contrasted with classic materials such as wood.

PEDINI’s LINEA collection features an aluminum profile handle in titanium and satin finishes, which can be implemented to the full range of decorative wood cabinetry and lacquered color coatings made by Archeda. Modernize your space with the broad spectrum of possible color combinations for front panels, grooves, and accessories while keeping the design clean, sleek, and modern.

4. Beautiful Walk-In Showers

Beautiful Walk-In Showers

Have you been wanting to get in on the latest walk-in shower trend? Homeowners have been flocking to replace their old bathtubs with sleek, modern walk-in showers that open up the entire room while simultaneously saving space. Oversized walk-in showers are a beautiful, modern option for luxurious bathrooms.

PEDINI’s Tulle is a unique unit with a flat structural groove and smooth front panels with inclined edges. This ultra-simple yet practical piece takes on new life in the latest range of decorative, wood, and lacquered color finishes. The shapes and dimensions have been carefully crafted to create functional styles that suit any and every need.

5. Modern Wood Finishes

Modern Wood Finishes

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Have you always dreamt of putting a modern twist on a classic material like wood? Wood comes in various colors and finishes and is sure to add an elegant flare that will instantly enhance any bathroom. Aside from the chic look, wooden style bathrooms can offer warmth and comfort that simply is unmatched. Wood designs in the bathroom offer warmth, elegance, and variety and are a time tested material capable of taking any room to the next level.

PEDINI’s  Quaranta5 has simplistic lines, sharp corners, and compact shapes. The joints between the doors, tops, and side panels are flawlessly neat and highlight a 45° cut creating no visible depth. The chic, minimalist design of Quaranta5 is an unparalleled contrast between classic materials with a modern bathroom design.


While functionality is important for bathroom design, the room should also be a place where you enjoy spending time. These luxury bathroom furniture ideas offer some inspiration for your next remodel so that you can create a beautiful, elegant, and tranquil space for grooming.