Replacing the floors, painting your walls, and upgrading your fixtures can make your bathroom look modern and chic. But there’s one important step to making your space uniquely yours. The decor. Adding pops of colors, patterns, bathroom wall décor, and storage options can immediately transform your bathroom space into your own soothing sanctuary that you may never want to leave. Whether you’re looking for master bathroom ideas perfect to top off your renovation or DIY bathroom ideas fit for any budget, here are a few tips. 

Bathroom Décor

Adding Greenery

One of the most popular ways to liven up a bathroom is by bringing in natural elements. Adding houseplants offers color, liveliness, and texture to any bathroom, by making it feel lively, fresh and relaxing. Opt for plants that thrive in humidity and natural sunlight, such as ferns, figs, and potted orchids. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry, there are plenty of fake plant options that look just as stunning as living greenery. 

Greenery works especially well in PEDINI’s Linea collection. It features profile handles in titanium and satin-finished aluminum, which can be implemented to the full range of decorative, wood, and lacquered color coatings made by Archeda. This creates a broad spectrum of possible color combinations for front panels, grooves, as well as accessories, while keeping a clean and sleek look that is perfectly complemented by house plants.

Get Rid of Old Bath Mats

Leaving your old overused bath mat in your newly renovated bathroom can instantly make it still seem outdated. For a pop of color in your modern space, replace your old rug with a bright, waterproof mat in a shade that matches the room.

Modernize with Contrasting Fixtures 

An effective way to not only modernize a bathroom, but also add bold color and style is to use fixtures that contrast in color to the wall color. 

PEDINI’s Wellness design is a complete system of coordinated and integrated solutions. It represents an innovative furnishing solution for the bathroom where contemporary research and durability are crucial. The dramatic contrasting design provides a modern and refreshing backdrop to your bathroom, which can be elevated with wall decor or other decorative items in complementing colors.

Add Bathroom Wall Art

Bathroom Wall Art

Adding bathroom wall art is a creative way to add color and your own personal touch to a bathroom. Many common wall art ideas for the bathroom include maps, nautical themes, beach themes, and nature themes.

Creative Storage Ideas

Another way to improve any bathroom’s visibility and functionality is by adding extra storage spaces in creative places. The extra storage can help as you clear the clutter off the sink top and use the storage to hold house plants, pictures, or more. 

PEDINI’s Gola is an elegant and timeless design that interprets contemporary style, and offers creative storage solutions. The sleek patterns breathe in new life, complemented with lacquered colors and accessories. The creatively placed storage allows them to be utilized for many functions, creating a beautiful bathroom that is as elegant as it is functional.


Bathroom décor, from houseplants to bath mats to wall art, has the power to completely transform your bathroom to make it uniquely yours. Greenery such as houseplants can add a much-needed breath of color, freshness, and life to any bland or bare bathroom wall, while bathroom wall art can give the bathroom an overarching theme while adding personality and flare to the room. These beautiful bathroom décor tips can be used to compliment any renovation to give it the perfect finishing touches.