PEDINI, a leading manufacturer of luxury-style Italian furniture, has partnered with technology giants Microsoft and Iomote to produce the world’s first intelligent kitchen.

The new project, known as Hi PEDINI, was designed to integrate advanced artificial intelligence technology and home automations into sophisticated kitchen designs for modern homes. Hi PEDINI allows users to speak to their kitchen for a wide range of commands and features created to provide increased productivity, improved safety, and an overall more personalized experience.

Pedini Miami - Oct 2020 2Photo Credit: PEDINI Miami

Some of the most innovative functions include controls via a user’s voice or smartphone, air quality monitoring, and phone alerts in the event of gas or water leaks. Hi PEDINI also helps users organize and manage shopping lists, find inspiration for new recipes, and control doors in your kitchen with simple voice commands. You can even program your kitchen assistant to greet you every morning with a warm, freshly-brewed cup of coffee made just the way you like it.

PediniMiami - Oct 2020 1Photo Credit: PEDINI Miami

Hi PEDINI kitchens can also modify the environment and adapt to the specific mood and needs of families. With a simple voice command, Hi PEDINI can change the colors and tones of the kitchen to make it more suitable for all sorts of occasions. Another important highlight designed for families is the new “Baby Mode” feature which alerts parents when babies and toddlers access certain areas of the kitchen, such as cabinets with sharp and fragile items in them.

PediniMiami - Oct 2020 4Photo Credit: PEDINI Miami

These are just some of the most significant features of Hi PEDINI kitchens, but there is much more these kitchens can offer. We encourage you to visit PEDINI to learn more about these groundbreaking kitchens and how they can make life easier for you and your family.

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Photo Credit: PEDINI Miami

Original Source: The World’s First Intelligent Kitchen In Collaboration With Microsoft