Does your kitchen space feel dull, but you can’t figure out why? It’s probably bad lighting. Swap out the dated lighting fixtures in your kitchen to instantly make your space feel more lively and add personality and elegance.


Not only is kitchen lighting essential for cooking functionality, but it can add a flare of style to your kitchen with a simple change. If you’re looking for kitchen lighting ideas sure to elevate the vibe of any room, look no further! Here are some of the most innovative modern kitchen lighting design trends to help you achieve a brighter, more elegant kitchen.


Kitchen Lighting Ideas


Stunning Hanging Chandeliers


Instantly recognized as a sign of elegance, adding a chandelier to your kitchen can add a flare of modern glamour while remaining fully functional.


PEDINI’s Artika Kitchen design utilizes a hanging chandelier lighting design to illuminate the clean-cut and comfortable design. With the concept of Artika, it reworks its curve-like cabinetry to live within your dining space with harmony and simplicity. By doing so, it adopts a universal language: the intimacy of the family.


Kitchen Lamps


An innovative way to incorporate modern minimalist design in your kitchen is to install kitchen lamps for lighting. Adding lamps rather than large fixtures not only saves space, but adds versatility and functionality to the kitchen.


PEDINI’s Materika Kitchen is practical, clean-cut, and elegant. Adding kitchen lamp lights uses minimal space while enhancing the area around it with a simple yet bold design that makes a statement. Materials are combined and lacquered colours are alternated in different variations of finishes which match the ecomalta, glass and stainless steel surfaces. The result is an opportunity to experience original projects in the name of functional beauty.


Vintage Décor


Vintage Kitchen Style


One of the most popular current kitchen design trends is to make a modern take on classic kitchen styles. Some common ways to add a modern twist to vintage styles are adding LED kitchen light fixtures, string lights, or built in kitchen lamps.


PEDINI’s Vintage Décor Collection seamlessly blends vintage kitchen styles and characteristics with modern features and appliances. It uses minimalistic features and clean lines meshed with classic wood and glass cabinetry.


Kitchen Island Pendants


The clear glass of hanging kitchen island pendants can add volume to a room while giving a sleek, clean aesthetic.


Elegant and sophisticated, PEDINI’s Quadra Collection evokes retro charm of iconic furnishings from the past. Formal cleaning and aesthetic research of the proportions come together to give life to a brand new product, capable of making the kitchen space the natural continuation of your unique personality.




There are many modern ways to brighten up your kitchen, whether you opt for simple yet bold kitchen lamp fixtures, or bright and energy efficient LED lights for your kitchen. Changing up your dated lighting for a fresh modern option can not only improve the functionality and efficiency of your kitchen, it can also completely transform the flow and feel of the room, elevating it to another status. Most importantly, customizing your kitchen lighting fixture to reflect your personality can further make your home truly feel like your home.