The Miami area is home to some of the most sophisticated tastes and international standards in design. And real estate here is precious. 

Having an extra half-bath can add utility and value to your property. However, some bathrooms feel too small for comfort. If you’re considering ways to make the space in these tiny powder rooms feel more expansive, try some small bathroom remodel ideas.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

In General, Opt for Variety in Texture Rather than Pattern

While some tiny bathroom ideas successfully incorporate sweetly printed wallpaper, a more sophisticated and modern appearance can be achieved with natural textures, like veined marble, authentic wood grain, or a modest amount of woven material like rattan.

Eliminate “Bathroom Decor”

In the most sophisticated small bathrooms, you will see an absence of traditional ideas of decor. Forget bathroom pictures in frames, vases, throw rugs, and matching accessories.  

Use Mirrors and Glass to Enlarge the Space

Mirrors and bathrooms naturally go together, as people expect to check their reflection every time they visit one. As the room is essentially private in small bathrooms, don’t be afraid to use a much larger mirror than the typical over-vanity one. While bathroom mirrors over sinks have grown to much larger cabinets, this is not the only area that can be mirrored. Reflecting the room’s space on itself is a favored decorator’s trick to double the sense of space. Feel free to use an expanse of mirror on a different wall.
Glass brick can also be a way to add privacy without overly cutting up the sense of space and deserves consideration in bathroom decorating ideas.

For an example of how glass can expand a bathroom in a tropical setting by inviting the outdoors in, take a look at the Quaranta5 bathroom design, where parts of the wall are ceiling-to-floor windows. Also, notice how you can use glass as a divider when privacy is not required to separate the toilet/bidet space and contain the shower area in the Gola online showcases.

Use Monochromatic Color Schemes

If you look at most modern bathroom ideas, you will find they tend to use very understated colors. Bright colors tend to work against a modern, calming, and spa-like aesthetic, as they cause the eye to jump to these pops of color. 

Work to Minimize Distractions

Avoid contrasting detail on fixtures. The more streamlined you can make your bathroom design, the larger the space will appear. 

  • For example, take a shower remodel idea. Instead of retaining traditional shower doors in a track—with bulky, metal towel-bar handles—opt for frameless, swinging glass doors with no handles. If you’re working with a very small bathroom layout, you might opt for frameless, sliding shower doors with unobtrusive vertical handles. 
  • On bathroom cabinets, indented handles carved into the doors or drawers—instead of handles with protruding, added hardware—will also streamline the look. 
  • Recessed lighting can also help achieve streamlined spaces, as you won’t have lighting fixtures jutting into the valuable headspace.

Avoid Bathroom Decor Ideas Based on Themes

Every once in a while, you will see a small bathroom in South Florida that is artfully pulled off on a nautical or tropical theme. However, for the most part, you can create a better, timeless, spacious, and more modern bathroom feel by avoiding overt references to a specific theme.

Provide Hidden Storage

Incorporate pocket doors to hide storage seamlessly. Planning ingenious storage areas will help those who live in the home store their personal hygiene products out of sight.

Take Advantage of Floating Cabinets

When you’re considering a small bathroom remodel plan, floating cabinets lend a sense of spaciousness, as you can observe in PEDINI Miami’s modern bathroom designs. You can see in some of the signature Archedia bathroom collections that floating cabinets are not limited to the lavatory sink. Floating fixtures can be used with almost futuristic simplicity with storage cabinetry and wall-mounted benches, as well as the toilet and bidet, as in the Tulle, Gola, and Seta collections.

Use Lightweight, Airy Designs for Added Task Seating or Versatile Side-Tables.

A small bathroom can be even more inviting if you add functional elements for extra seating that are easily movable and flexible. Part of the luxury of a well-appointed bath is the ability to spend some unrushed time relaxing in the tub or otherwise taking care of one’s toilette without hurry. As you scroll through the subtly coordinated appointments of PEDINI’s designer bathroom collections, notice how they invite the visitor to linger. 

Don’t Forget Ways to Make the Shower More Luxurious.

When planning small bathroom designs, owners may need to choose between a shower or a tub. Even the smallest of showers can usually accommodate a custom shower bench and high-end water delivery that are worth the splurge. In South Florida, the custom is often to remove tubs during a remodel, especially if space is at a premium, but the best bathroom designs in modern homes often incorporate advanced rain-shower or multi-directional shower elements.

Takeaways for Enhancing / Improving / Expanding Your Small Bathroom 

The PEDINI design process is very consultative. PEDINI can help you articulate your goals for a bathroom of any size. You can discover some of what to expect when embarking on guidance from the PEDINI Miami professionals. Expect commitment to high quality, impeccable design, attention to detail such as ergonomics, and superior service

It’s reassuring to know that this design is ecologically responsible. PEDINI is committed to using recycled wood where feasible and eco-friendly materials. The Italian factory uses 100% Green Power (eco-friendly, electric energy generated from renewable and sustainable GO-certified processes).

If you like the purity, simplicity, and elegance of PEDINI designs, you’re invited to the Miami Showroom in Coral Gables. You can meet with a designer and learn more about the Italian craftsmanship that goes into the designs, share your visions, and start realizing this level of elegance in your bathroom.