A kitchen can be one of the busiest areas in the home. With some smart design choices, it can also be one of the most beautiful. Sleek, modern kitchens are functional and stylish, combining the best of both worlds. When you look at modern kitchen plans, your main goal should be to eliminate clutter and unnecessary busyness and create a streamlined, up-to-date flagship area for your home. 

Kitchen Layout Design & Decor Ideas

Kitchen Layout Design & Decor Ideas

Like fashion, styles change over time for kitchen layouts, designs, appliances, and features. Modern kitchen interior design is all about sleek functionality. Here are ten of the hottest kitchen layout and design ideas for 2021. 

Curved Cabinetry and Islands

A well-run kitchen doesn’t have to be a boxy, spartan environment. Bring beauty and elegance into a modern kitchen space with curved cabinetry and kitchen islands. PEDINI Miami’s Artika kitchen incorporates invigorating curvature into cabinets, counters, and kitchen islands, evoking harmony in a family space. It’s a practical solution for anyone with young children or animals (no more risky sharp edges) that offers an unmistakably fresh and sculptural feel. 

Graceful, arching curvature is a hallmark of PEDINI Design in the Dune kitchen as well. The soft edges of the kitchen counters and island open up the space with playful sophistication. The rounded lines create a visual balance and flow while offering plenty of countertop space for maximum efficiency. 

Seamless, Handleless Cabinet Doors

Free flow multi-tasking is the name of the game in contemporary design. Whether you’re working with small kitchen layouts and seeking to make the most of your space or with an open kitchen floor plan looking to avoid clutter, handleless cabinet doors are a simple and elegant design solution. 

The Eko kitchen offers an excellent example of seamless cabinetry that creates a minimalist backdrop for a variety of living styles. Eko kitchens are designed to offer freedom of interpretation. Handleless kitchen cabinets are trendy yet simple, freeing up your kitchen cabinet layout to focus on the materials and detailing.  

Modern Meets Vintage

Vintage kitchen design doesn’t have to mean vinyl floors and checkerboard patterns. When modern meets vintage, it can create an effortless balance of elegance and comfort. Opting for wood paneling with a glossy finish is one subtle way to evoke 1970s styling without feeling dated. The Vintage PEDINI Miami kitchen draws from natural materials and traditional kitchen floor plans to make a homey space perfect for family dinners.

Dark Finishes and Textures

Create a striking space with bold, dark finishes in the kitchen. Opting for darker cabinetry and backsplashes allows brighter accent pieces to stand out. In contrast, muted colors have an alluring, sophisticated effect against a black or dark backdrop. PEDINI Miami’s Quadra kitchen offers glossy, matte, or oxidized finishes on doors and working surfaces. In darker colors, the Quadra kitchen’s sleek lines allow these textural finishes to take center stage. 

Sleek Lines

Simple and sleek should be your watchwords when it comes to modern kitchen layout ideas. Streamlined storage, no-fuss seating, and a few industrial touches can help make your kitchen more enjoyable to cook in. Maximizing functionality allows you to create textural richness by choosing finishes that tie into the home’s overall setting. For instance, a combination of stainless steel and warm wood, or natural wood with a high gloss, creates a space that’s easy to sanitize and show off, all at once. 

Functional L Shaped Kitchen Designs

The L-shaped kitchen is both geometrically and ergonomically satisfying. It’s practical yet stylish, based on the professional chef’s creed of “mise-en-place.” This French term for “everything in its place” is intrinsically linked to the L-shaped kitchen design layout. An L-shaped kitchen is often useful in a smaller home, but it can be implemented successfully in larger spaces as well. Consider situating an L-shaped kitchen around a window or open area to facilitate flow and avoid feeling cramped or closed-in. 

Kitchen Zones

One of the most dated kitchen floor plan ideas is the kitchen triangle. This 1940s floor plan was developed to cut construction costs instead of aiming for a more elegant or useful kitchen space. Instead of organizing your kitchen layout ideas around an outdated set of ratios, consider creating dedicated zones in the space. 

For instance, kitchen layouts with island countertops might be well-suited for food preparation – meaning you might leave space for the trash can next to where you plan to peel, chop, and dice. The sink will likely be used for cleaning up, so you will often want to position the dishwasher nearby. By dividing up your kitchen space by what you’ll use it for, you can streamline your cabinetry, appliance, and storage placement, making a space that’s a joy to cook in.


There is one kitchen finish that never gets old or goes out of style, and that’s marble. Marble countertops or backsplashes are the hallmarks of timeless elegance. They lend a depth and gravity that’s simply unmatched. Marble working surfaces, like in the PEDINI Miami Arts & Crafts kitchen, bring classic elegance to a space otherwise devoted to conviviality and ease. 

Pops of Color 

Subtle pops of color are necessary to breathe life into all kitchen styles, no matter the layout or size. One particularly trendy accent color for the modern kitchen is orange. Try giving your kitchen a zesty, citrusy kick by incorporating small pops of orange into your seating, artwork, or dishes. 


In 2021, sustainability is one of the more important components of all interior design. More so than ever, people are prioritizing environmentally friendly materials and eco-friendly appliances. PEDINI Miami’s Eko kitchen and others offer thermo-structured laminate doors and finishes to help you design sustainably as well as stylishly.  


As you design your dream modern kitchen, it’s important to find a balance between beauty and practicality. Luckily, with PEDINI Miami kitchens, you don’t need to choose between grace and functionality, timelessness and trendiness, elegance and ease.