There’s nothing more romantic or relaxing than dining al fresco done right. If you love spending nights under the stars or have fond memories of family backyard barbecues, then you might already be considering building a modular outdoor kitchen for yourself. 

If so, you’re right on time – outdoor kitchens are one of the hottest home design concepts at the moment, geared towards helping you make the most of your living space. When an outdoor cooking station is done right, it opens up worlds of possibilities for new ways to relax, entertain, and enjoy every inch of your home. When it’s done wrong, it can be the worst kind of expensive headache. 

If you want to be certain that your outdoor kitchen is properly designed and installed with both professionalism and passion, then PEDINI Miami is the best resource to help you achieve your home renewal goals. Keep reading to discover 10 chic outdoor kitchen ideas, and then get in touch with PEDINI to make your dreams a reality!

outdoor kitchen

Garden Kitchen

The garden kitchen is a trend that’s as practical as it is beautiful. By incorporating edible plants and herbs into your outdoor kitchen design, you can create a space that’s literally bursting with flavor. Container gardens and vertical gardening are two ways to use greenery to give your outdoor kitchen a peaceful, enclosed feeling. You also might consider cultivating a grape vine trellis around the always popular L-shaped kitchen island shape, to create shade and serenity. 

Outdoor Grilling Station 

For serious barbecuers, the focal point of your outdoor kitchen is likely an outdoor grill station. When installing a grill, you’ll want to avoid the smokehouse effect that comes from placing a grill in the center of an overhanging roof. Instead, opt for a kitchen design that’s freestanding, or else place the grill on the edge of an overhang. A grill should also be placed at least 10 feet away from anything combustible, like wood siding or tree branches. Popular design materials that complement a grill-centric outdoor kitchen include stone, steel, and granite.

Patio Kitchen

Consider using an existing patio to create a sheltered outside kitchen area. Too much sun exposure or rain can quickly ruin an outdoor gathering. Utilizing patio space alongside a house gives you the option to easily move indoors when dinner’s over. Plus, building closer to the house may give you an advantage when it comes to setting up plumbing lines and electricity. 

Laidback Backyard Kitchen

If you want your outdoor kitchen to feel like an organic part of your backyard, consider incorporating colors and textures that blend in with nature. Choosing warm wood finishes in a few key areas, like underneath counters as an accent, or as latticed siding for shade, can go a long way towards making your backyard kitchen feel like it belongs in the great outdoors. 

Firepit Kitchen

A firepit is a natural choice to add as an accent to an outdoor kitchen. It’s cozy and adds instant ambiance to any area. If you want an alternative to a rustic look, you might consider a covered fire pit that can double as a coffee table when not in use, or a memorable kadai, a traditional Indian fire bowl made from iron. 

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

A great outdoor kitchen is the ultimate entertaining area. If you want a space that will wow your guests, consider adding sumptuous touches that are suitable for the outdoors. One of the hottest trends right now is to skip the stucco, and instead incorporate strong metallic details. Avoid copper unless it’s carefully lacquered, to avoid it turning green from exposure to the elements. However, hand-brushed steel, standard in PEDINI’s La Cucina Esterna, is a striking and sturdy design element that makes the kitchen space instantly unforgettable. 

Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor dining doesn’t have to feel like camping. The latest in outdoor kitchens incorporates sleek, seamless design to make the outdoor area feel like an extension of the indoors. Cookeat by PEDINI, born of Francesco Tomassini’s inspiration, is one example of how the outdoor entertaining trend can effortlessly reach levels of “haute cuisine.” Every detail, from flooring to cabinetry, can be streamlined to create a graceful flow from indoor to outdoor living. With customizable colors and finishes, PEDINI makes creating the perfect outdoor kitchen easy.  

Beachside Bar Kitchen

Adding a bar is an easy way to maximize your seating space and bring everyone closer. An outdoor kitchen with a bar is ideal for entertaining as well as relaxing after a long day. Modern barstools and an extended countertop, for easy drink preparation, are efficient and elegant touches. 

Italian Countryside Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen with a brick pizza oven instantly transports your ordinary backyard to the Italian countryside. But don’t limit yourself to preparing one kind of food – create a complete layout outdoors by using a U-shaped design to zone your kitchen from hot to cold. With more counter space, you can have room for options like an ice maker, refrigerator, sink, grill, and pizza oven too. 

Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen Expansion

If you aren’t sold on creating an entire outdoor kitchen, don’t have quite enough space to do so, or want to try it out, you might consider creating a pass-through kitchen window. This indoor/outdoor kitchen expansion project lets you test the waters of outdoor dining while making the most of a smaller outdoor area. With a pass-through window, you can focus on creating a seating area outside, with touches like a sleek bar or low-maintenance roll-up window counter, instead of a fully functional food preparation area. Our Rustic outdoor kitchens design board offers home-style photos to bring serenity into the outdoors. It’s a simple way to connect your existing kitchen capacity to your outdoor area, while also inviting a breeze inside. 


If you’re feeling inspired by these outdoor kitchen plans, don’t hesitate to reach out to PEDINI Miami to discuss possibilities for your own home renewal. Turn ideas into realities with PEDINI contracting, and let us help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen for your lifestyle.