The bathroom is often overlooked when designing a home. The focus is usually geared toward the bedroom, the living room, or the kitchen. However, the bathroom is unavoidable and likely will be visited by most of your house guests. The bathroom is also your home’s “sanctuary” – a place to seek peace and quiet – so why not style it as the haven it so effortlessly deserves to be? Whatever your vision for your bathroom is, create a space that inspires and relaxes you.

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Bathroom Decor

Escape to the Jungle

Rich greenery is aesthetically pleasing and has been shown to boost your mood, reduce your stress, and help clean indoor air. Having plants in your bathroom will eliminate the emptiness and bring the serenity of your sweet escape back to life. Opt for bathroom-friendly plants (those that thrive in humid environments and do not need direct sunlight), such as spider plants, snake plants, pothos, or philodendron, when on your search. Transform your bathroom into a jungle, where you’ll never want to leave. 

For a bathroom remodel that embraces lush greenery, PEDINI’s Quaranta 5 perfectly complements natural decor. The simplistic lines, compact shapes, and wooden elements are the perfect backdrop to your jungle oasis, and the practical elements create a space that is both ornamental and functional. 

Make It You-tiful 

When it comes to modeling your home space, you tend to incorporate the most elements of your personality into your bedroom or living space. However, you spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so why not add personal touches to that space as well? Consider adding a splash of you with wallpaper of your choosing. By either filling every wall or just choosing one section, a pop of pattern will make your bathroom feel bright and homey. Make your bathroom an extension of you by selecting favorite patterns or art paper without having to save up for a renovation budget. 

For a customizable bathroom space, look no further than PEDINI’s Bathroom Linea. The aluminum profile handle in titanium and satin-finished aluminum can be implemented to the full range of decorative, wood, and lacquered color coatings. This creates a broad spectrum of possible color combinations for front panels, grooves, and accessories to match your style while keeping a clean and sleek look.

Be Shelf-ish

Function and beauty go hand-in-hand. Wall-decor doesn’t have just to mean art; adding storage space fills up empty walls the same way. By adding little woven baskets, plants, or leaning art on the shelf, you have already stepped your game up. Practicality is sexy. Find what works for you that matches your style and the actual layout of your safe haven, and nothing can go wrong.

PEDINI’s Kubica Cabinets are perfect for adding stylish shelf space to your bathroom. Made to be on display, showcase your bathroom’s beauty with its doors in tempered smoked, transparent glass or entirely in wood and with shelves organized to give a sleek appeal. The integrated lights will also give your space a sense of regalness and sophistication. 

Make It an Affirmation 

Add some boldface text to your wall. Start your day off every morning by walking into your bathroom and reading something that inspires you: your day will already be off to a better start. Stick with a simplistic, monochrome vibe for your quote, which will add uniqueness to your bathroom. Bathrooms are for moments of solitude, so feel powerful in yours. Or, if you prefer your text says something cheeky… that’s perfect too. 

S(Tile) It 

You can never go wrong with tiles. With so many different tile options, decorating your walls with tiles can give your bathroom the look and vibe of a traditional European bathroom or offer a mid-century modern look, or anything in between! Adding tile to your walls can make your space feel high-end and fabulous. Add a border around wall tiles to give it a frame, making it so uniquely yours. Or, get creative with a colorful mosaic. With so many different variations and patterns, match your tiles with your style.  


Wall decor is an excellent way to spruce up and personalize your bathroom space. Whatever style and vibe you choose for your personal sanctuary, the right wall decor can take your space from boring to beautiful. Modern bathroom designs Feel inspired and stay up to date with latest trends in Interior Design.