The kitchen is the center of attention and activity in a home. It’s where family meals are made, holiday celebrations take shape, and where most days begin and end. Exploring luxury kitchen design wall colors and cabinet paint colors is the fastest method to spruce up this all-important space and create an area where you enjoy spending your time.

Kitchen Paint Ideas

Kitchen Paint Ideas

Most interior designers know that the key to creating the perfect space is more than finding popular kitchen colors and slapping on a coat of paint. Any good kitchen paint makeover also honors the room’s dimensions, kitchen cabinet styles, the amount of light it gets, and the owner’s personal preferences. Some simple guidelines for kitchen paint colors include:

Make Cabinets a Priority

Cabinets take up a large amount of visual space in any room, especially in the kitchen. As a large, flat expanse, they naturally draw the eye. Because of this, designer Corey Klassen recommends beginning by brainstorming kitchen cabinet color ideas and working out from there to create the design concept for the whole room. 

70/20/10 Rule

The 70/20/10 rule is a gold standard in home decor, and nowhere is it more critical than in the kitchen. When applying this concept to paint colors for kitchen areas, decide on the main shade, which will be used on about 70% of the area. Then choose an accent color, used about 10% of the time, to add interest. Finally, select a shade that brings the two together and incorporate that into about 20% of the space. 

Concealed Appliances

Cabinetry that conceals utilitarian appliances or cluttered shelving can immediately make a crowded kitchen feel airier and more serene. Architectural Digest recommends finding sleek, streamlined storage spaces throughout the kitchen and pantry areas to create an environment of modern elegance. For expert advice on cabinetry at the cutting-edge of luxury design and functional technology, consult PEDINI Miami about the Special Cabinets collection. 

Use Psychology

Interior design can have a real impact on our internal wellbeing. Since the kitchen is one of the most-used areas in a house, its aesthetic can have more of an effect than most rooms on our mood. When choosing your color scheme, ask yourself how you want to use the space. Is your kitchen a pleasant, cozy environment made for family gatherings? Maybe it’s a streamlined command center or a peaceful oasis. Each of these interpretations might lead to choosing different kitchen cabinet paint colors to bring your concept to life. 

Work With the Light

Different natural exposures complement different color palettes. For a space flooded with natural light, all-white cabinetry may feel too stark. For a low-light environment, choosing dark blues may feel too shadowy. If you want a darker backdrop in a dim space, lighten up your navy by a few shades into an azure or cobalt to welcome depth without sacrificing openness.

2021 Kitchen Color Ideas

Say goodbye to popular kitchen colors 2020 and welcome the breath of fresh air that is kitchen paint ideas 2021. 

  • Tangerine – Burnt orange shades are commonly used to evoke a “Tuscan kitchen” aesthetic, but incorporating tangerine brings a modern twist on this classic hue. Playful yet welcoming, this bright color pairs well with white or grey as its neutral counterpart. 
  • Peacock – Navy may be the go-to blue for many, but its popularity can also make it feel stale. Consider changing things up with peacock, navy’s jewel-toned relative that adds excitement and richness beyond the classic sailor shade.  Peacock is perfect for adding depth to cabinetry and can even work as an accent wall color. 
  • Stone & Slate – The perfect neutral kitchen paint colors, these shades of grey create a sophisticated kitchen that feels lived-in. Unlike stark white, stone shades tone down bright accent colors and evoke natural spaces without trying too hard. 
  • Reclaimed Wood – Reclaimed wood cabinetry does more than breathe life and texture into your kitchen space. It’s also good for the environment and right on-trend. PEDINI Miami’s Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cupboards bring captivating rustic charm indoors, concealing appliances, and increasing storage space. 
  • Black – One of the most unexpected cabinet paint colors of 2021 is black. When paired with wood grain accents, black becomes both livable and luxe in the kitchen. Even on cabinetry, black can warm up the kitchen space while feeling modern and seductive. 
  • Red – Cherry red seems like it will never go out of style. However, deeper shades of red, closer to scarlet or brick, are equally popular in kitchen color schemes and even more sophisticated when paired with deep natural browns. 
  • Warm Greige – The perfect neutral greige is an interior decorator’s secret weapon. The pinnacle of contemporary interior, the PEDINI Miami kitchen collection, draws on greige, dark grey, and storm tones as base colors while mixing and matching textures from wood, marble, and glass for contrast. 
  • Eggshell – All-white kitchens can sometimes feel too sterile. Consider livening up space with plenty of warm lighting and eggshell instead of bright white.  
  • Natural Green – Deep or dusty greens are some of the hottest kitchen paint colors of 2021. Green is renewing and serene, reminding us of our connection to nature, writes industry expert Sue Kim. Deep green cabinetry pairs well with black wood accents or grey, an elegant and effortless way to feel more grounded in the kitchen. 
  • Barely Blue – For those who love the crispness of white, consider pale “barely blue” for cabinets or walls. Lighter than robin’s egg, this simple shade brings a sense of calm and cleanliness to the kitchen while providing a gateway into more color. 



Whether you’re looking for painted kitchen cabinet ideas, wall colors, kitchen cabinet accessories, or accent shades, switching up your kitchen color scheme is one of the best ways to make the room feel fresh or match your modern kitchen style. But, no matter what your idea is for the perfect kitchen, PEDINI Miami can help you bring the space to life with a luxe, functional design, and unrivaled sophistication.