Selecting custom bathroom vanities is not something most people think about more than once every twenty or so years unless you are constantly moving and remodeling. But when it comes time to design a bathroom, it’s a smart move to make choices that will reinforce your confidence in your ultimate design and keep you happy for a long time.

Read on for tips on selecting a bathroom cabinet. We will focus on what is durable, practical, and modern but timeless. The last thing you want to do is install a cabinet in a bathroom during a makeover, only to have to remove or replace it because of unsuitable materials or design flaws.

Where to Turn to for Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Where to Turn to for Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

While you can begin your ideation with a trip to Home Depot to find stand-alone units and get some initial ideas for bathroom colors and textures, it’s better to go online and search curated design collections when you want a memorable bathroom. 

You can create an idea board for bathroom cabinet ideas by searching for pictures of custom bathroom vanities either with a Google image search or by going to a major design website like Houzz. Additional websites for good bathroom design elements include Architectural Digest and House Beautiful

Some of the most exciting custom bathroom vanities ideas are coming out of PEDINI Miami. The Italian-rooted esthetic is streamlined, sometimes almost Scandinavian in simplicity, and future-oriented. This is one of the main directions that bathroom vanity ideas are going in 2021, leaving the white-washed nostalgic trend far behind.

What to Look for and What to Avoid with Bathroom Cabinets

Currently, preferred designs incorporate a natural wood look, and minimalistic handle pulls not to interrupt the clean lines and match your bathroom decor. Additionally, vanity storage units in this design mode focus on opaque cabinetry that will obscure visual clutter and give the eye needed rest in this most private of rooms. 

Rather than mirrored cabinets, muted solid tones for the main cabinetry are preferred if a wood grain isn’t used. While many of the mass-market cabinets shown in fashionable collections like the Houzz bathroom vanity offerings feature this minimalistic and streamlined architectural design, unfortunately, most of these units come with a contrasting white top surface for the basin. While this is a nod to traditional bathroom vanities, the more sophisticated and upscale look of the PEDINI Tulle collection vanities truly sets it apart.  

Deeper units, if space permits offer better bathroom vanity storage. It’s essential to ensure a vanity has storage sufficient for the homeowner’s grooming and living needs to avoid a haphazard look. 

Bathrooms, like kitchens, are one area where you want a quick and easy clean-up of the floor. Floating cabinets allow for this and are a practical solution as well as both modern and elegant. This design is featured by Homes and Gardens on top bathroom trends for 2021.  

To see some more stunning cabinets for bathrooms that incorporate floating cabinetry, visit the PEDINI Miami bathrooms online gallery. These wall-mounted floating cabinets can be more hygienic, as they are off the floor. The cabinets, however, are typically not appropriate for restroom cabinets in retail or office space, being more suited to residential use.

Besides design choice, attention to quality materials is paramount. For example, you want to avoid materials that are not durable, such as preformed cabinets made with particle board for the base.

Smart current bathroom furniture ideas include using alternative woods and sustainable woods. You can research vanities crafted from natural rubberwood, which is derived from rubber trees. It’s not only sustainable wood, but it’s also as durable as oak.

Regarding bathroom countertop cabinet treatments, elegant choices are granite and marble, which lend a sleek look. Surfaces of quartzite are as durable as granite and may be less prone to staining.

Trending bathroom vanity ideas are incorporating novel treatments of bathroom basins atop the vanity cabinet. It pays to learn the terminology that designers are currently using and do a Google image search. For example, “raised sink vessel” will show you many out-of-the-box ideas on positioning a sculptural sink above a cabinet for a modern look.
A raised architectural shape for the basin gives a striking departure from traditional bathroom sinks, as in this side bathroom design at PEDINI

Small Bathroom Vanities vs. Larger Spaces

If you’re looking for small bathroom vanity ideas, try a built-in vanity that’s custom-made, with compartments designed for your storage needs and to maximize the space. A built-in bathroom vanity can give you more variety than prefab units and generally reflects the care and attention to detail that is the hallmark of a good remodel. We have a team of designers who can help you out in luxury design. You have to simply find out by bathroom designers near me

Another solution for small spaces is a custom design that features pull-out under-sink drawers that optimize the available space, working around the lavatory plumbing. If you have a little more space to work with, current trends call for incorporating cabinets that will work with other fixtures to make the bathroom area more of a spa-like environment.

The Takeaway

Bathroom cabinet designs that focus on both beauty and functionality will result in a more significant return on the investment of your bathroom redesign. According to some sources, removing a bathroom is typically a sound financial investment because most homeowners recoup around 60% of their investment. But the most fundamental reason to remodel a bathroom or install a new bathroom cabinet is so that you can enjoy it. 

Given that the average person spends at least 30 minutes a day in the bathroom, it’s well worth a bit of research and professional expertise to make your bathroom design both functional, beautiful, and enduring. PEDINI Miami is ready to inspire you with your bathroom remodel or new furnishings and invites you to the Coral Gables showroom. You may also fill out a contact form to start a dialog with a design consultant to help you realize your intended dream design.