Tired of your current kitchen cabinets and wondering how to switch things up? No need for a total makeover. A simple color change can do the trick.

A centerpiece in the kitchen, cabinets are one of the first things people see when they head to your kitchen. That said, if they’re currently painted a shade you don’t especially love, chances are you’re going to get tired of them eventually. If you’re reading this, you’ve reached your ‘eventually.’

You’re in luck! Many colors blend well on kitchen cabinets, but getting it right can be tricky. 

Before committing to an unusual color, consider the other pieces and colors in the room: the walls, backsplash, counters, floor, and appliances. If your kitchen is already saturated with colorful items, it’s best to go with neutral cabinets (white or gray). If you’re in the process of remodeling or designing your kitchen, consider these kitchen cabinet ideas.

If you’re in the process of remodeling or choosing a luxury kitchen design for your kitchen, consider these kitchen cabinet ideas.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors


Gray hues remain a classic for kitchen cabinetry for their versatility and modern look. When settling for gray cabinet colors, take into account whether the undertones are cool or warm. Gray kitchen cabinets match well with taupe or off-white tones in floor tiles.

Rich Yellow

Create a bright, dynamic atmosphere in your kitchen with a rich yellow cabinet color. For an inviting vintage look, pair your cheerful yellow cabinets with old-fashioned pendant fixtures and soapstone countertops. The sunshiny hue intensifies the simple cabinetry style and embraces guests into your cute, cozy kitchen.

Cool Mint 

Light, mint-green cabinets can soften your kitchen’s intense edges. Matched with antique light fixtures and bronze hardware, the effect blends a contemporary look with a splash of vintage undertone.

Classic Blue 

Calming ocean-blue cabinets bring seaside comfort to any kitchen. Let the beachy blue color take center stage in your kitchen without being too overwhelming. This light blue paint color works well with brushed nickel hardware as well as stainless-steel appliances.

Sage Green 

Lusty sage is pleasing on its own yet light enough to intensify other hues around the kitchen. This green cabinet color appears as a sandy neutral or faded leaf green depending on the time of day. Consider painting kitchen cabinets with this gentle green as an alternative to gray.

Zesty Orange 

Give your kitchen a fresh new vibe with a lush citrus hue. A bright orange cabinet paint color can provide a gleaming contrast to your room’s cool black countertops. Most varieties of gray, including charcoal or muted tones, work well with a range of orange hues.

Creamy White

Creamy white cabinets are the trademark of a conventional kitchen. The gorgeous cream cabinet color gives a kitchen a soft, warm feel your guest will surely appreciate.


Not all white cabinetry is designed equal. White cabinets have become the go-to color these days and for good reasons! The traditional neutral color comes in a range of distinguished shades. It gives an updated look to any traditional kitchen.

Charcoal Gray

Consider dark charcoal gray for a striking yet still neutral cabinet paint color. For a grander style, balance deep slate cabinets with white walls and smooth silver polishes. The neutral cabinet paint color conceals scuffs in high-traffic areas and adds character and depth to your kitchen.

Pale Yellow-Green 

Celadon cabinetry will pair gracefully with a casual cottage kitchen. The yellowish/green hue connects the room with the outside world while highlighting a fun, soothing style. Pair the painted cabinets with a light, neutral wall color, and save the wood or dark tones for flooring (if your budget allows it).

Greige Kitchen

Polished alloy hardware adds beauty to kitchen cabinets painted with a gracious mix of gray and beige. Balance neutral kitchen cabinet finishes with splashes of vibrant color, like the shiny yellow traditional Windsor chairs. Because the greige paint hue highlights yellow undertones, it blends wonderfully with warm-hued accents.

Baby Blue 

A baby blue cabinet adds a bit of color to a cream-and-brown kitchen color design. Blue cabinetry is naturally calming yet stands out from neutral pieces in the room. A slightly distressed coating gives the blue cabinet color a lovely, old-fashioned appearance.


If you’re looking for a classic style, you can’t go wrong with wood cabinets! The timeless wood cabinetry has been around for centuries and pairs well with the traditional farmhouse look.

Dark Brown

This style of a darker wood cabinet is not as prevalent right now, but if done correctly, it still looks marvelous and not antiquated. We love it paired with white undertones for a contemporary look.


Cabinet Colors

There you go! Some of the best kitchen cabinet color ideas to brighten up your kitchen. Don’t be scared of introducing bright colors to your kitchen! Especially since it is the focal point of your home. Cabinets don’t always have to be white or brown. Get creative, but take into account everything else in the room (including decor) before deciding on a color. Pedini Miami luxury interior kitchen design team will Renovate and Remodel your kitchen. You can choose kitchen cabinet accessories from Pedini Miami according to the luxury kitchen.

Painting your cabinets can make them stand out while adding a touch of dynamism to the space. Did you see a color that could be perfect for your kitchen? We hope one of these lovely kitchen cabinet colors caught your attention and inspired you to add a splash of color to your kitchen.