A color palette we continue to see flourish in the design world is that of earthy inspired hues. It’s a never ending love affair between soothing greens and blues mixed with more natural, soft toned organic materials. At PEDINI, we offer a wide variety of woods with one of our most popular being our reclaimed wood.

More than ever before, we are seeing consumers invest in their personal wellness and incorporate those changes directly into their homes. There is an uptick in designing your home to be your own personal sanctuary. Somewhere that you can escape the rush of every day and find peace within. 

“Research shows that natural color schemes and organic forms like those found in nature reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase productivity and creativity, and make us happier,” says Michelle Lamb, who is the editorial director at The Trend Curve

Natural wood tones, like our reclaimed wood cabinets, could be perfectly combined with olive and moss tones. Similarly, the increased use of stone, bamboo, and dried grasses could pair well with the wooden elements available in our wide range of kitchen, living, and bathroom options. Pedini Miami provides you best interior designer near Miami,