Haute Living And Pedini Miami Host Haute Leaders Dinner At Marion Miami

Haute Living and Pedini Miami joined forces at Marion Miami to host the Haute Leaders dinner for the month of July. While Haute Living hosts their Leaders dinners every month, this was the first of which was held in collaboration with high-end design company, Pedini Miami. Vice President David Rousso represented the design company. Pedini provides customers with Italian-designed furnishings of the highest standard and style. To learn more about Pedini Miami’s services, CLICK HERE.

Industry leaders, spanning across several markets, attended the gorgeous event in the Brickell area of Miami.

DSC08346 2

DSC08361 1 533x800Guests from Haute Design, Residence, Lawyer, Beauty, and MD networks were welcomed with refreshing summer cocktails and escorted into a private dining room at Marion Miami. The exclusive room provided an excellent ambiance for what was clearly set to be an unforgettable evening.

DSC08389 1 1

Alirio Torrealba, Doris Torrealba, Jennifer Nicole Lee and Edward Lee

DSC08430 1 1

Dr. Jay Young, Seth Semilof and Dr. Rian A. Maercks

Once guests were all in attendance, it was time to be seated for a wonderful meal. To kick things off, guests were presented with sweet and spicy edamame, hamachi jalapeño rolls and popcorn shrimp. For entrees, Haute Leaders were served pineapple teriyaki salmon, spicy ginger filet mignon and a lovely risotto hot pot. Side dishes included truffle fries, truffle mac & cheese and miso roasted cauliflower. To round things off, dessert came in the form of Marion’s imperial experience, which is comprised of an assortment of sweets, fruits and ice cream.

The Marion staff ended the meal with a bang by passing out limoncello shots, which were presented with strobe lights.

DSC08473 2

DSC08461 2 533x800

Marion Imperial Experience

It was another successful Haute Leaders dinner as guests thoroughly enjoyed their time and are already looking forward to the next event in the Haute Leaders series.

DSC08406 3 1

Alex Miranda, Dr. Jay Young, Andrea Gutierrez, April Donelson, Dr. Rian A. Maercks, Guest of Dr. Rian A. Maercks

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

DSC08489 2

Suzanne DeWitt and April Donelson

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

DSC08413 1

Claudia Llanes, Pierpaolo Visconti, Gio Ingletto, Andy Garcia

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

DSC08376 1

Erik Haase, Emily Wriston, Alex Miranda

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

DSC08400 2

Suzanne DeWitt, Gabriel Pessoa, Mary Gibson, Weston Finn, Diana Correa

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

DSC08442 3 1

Guest of Dr. Rian A. Maercks, Andrea Gutierrez and Mariela Rodas

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice


Mariela Rodas and Andy Garcia

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

DSC08434 2

Angel Nicolas and David Rousso

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

DSC08335 2Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

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