When you invite guests to your home, the kitchen is the pinnacle entertainment area. It’s the one place in the house where everyone congregates to eat, laugh, socialize, and gather together.

Whether it’s family dinner time, the kids’ arts-and-crafts studio, homework central, or the location of choice for your next holiday party, your kitchen is the heart of the home. But, if you’ve looked around your kitchen lately and realized that it is stuck in the 20th century, now is the perfect time to give it e a 21st-century upgrade.

What Is Trending in 2019 in Kitchen Decor?

The name of the game in 2019 is sleek and modern. Keeping things functional is a must, but giving it that chic style and pizzazz adds an extra dimension. Cabinets are a great place to start: After all, might as well have an aesthetically pleasing storage option.

When choosing your new cabinet style, there are many elements to consider: harmony, functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. You want something that fits your taste and brings your vision to life. You want high-quality cabinets, but you also want the best kitchen cabinets for the money.

Kitchen corner cabinets ideas can help you put this dead space to good space. Chromatics and glass cabinets are trending in the world of modern kitchen decor, as is stainless steel. Luxury wood, lacquered kitchen cabinets, and veneer wood cabinetry give your kitchen a warmer feel, while the chrome, glass, and steel give it a more industrial yet sleek-and-chic vibe. The best kitchen cabinets are the ones that work best for your home.

10 Cabinet Styles to Enhance Your Home

Structured and Simple

One of the best examples of this style is PEDINI’s Materika layout. It is characterized by 30-degree beveled doors, and it’s practical and simple to use. This could look like a mix of materials and color finishes. Combining these with glass and stainless-steel surfaces makes it a functional yet aesthetically pleasing option. It is comprised of pocket doors, eclipse, glass cabinets, and bridge accessories.

Contemporary Shapes and Styles

If you want a variety of materials, finishes, and colors, you should opt for a contemporary/luxury design. PEDINI’s Arkè kitchen blends different, high-quality materials, such as storage cabinets and bridge accessories, and uses luxury wood types. The result of this style is modernity and space.

Linear Integration

PEDINI’s Eko line is a perfect example of integration. It connects furnishing elements in the same space, and it can also connect different areas of the house in an open-space layout. This style is versatile, original, and highly customizable. It combines environmentally friendly materials and minimalism while giving the buyer the freedom to choose their style.

Curved Line

A perfect mix of retro, modern, and futuristic, the curved-line layout is the trademark of PEDINI’s Dune kitchen. Although the curves mainly lie in the specially shaped worktops, the curved-line aesthetic typically features sliding cabinets and softwood cupboards. Overall it exudes a balance of taste, style, and functionality.

Dynamic and Articulated

As exemplified by PEDINI’s K016 design, the dynamic and articulated decor is in. The main characteristic of this layout is one fluid surface, adaptable to every living environment. The cabinets and work surfaces flow into each other through the marriage of chromatism and design solutions to the space available. It is highlighted by functionality, customization, and modern technology, and is comprised of storage cabinets and bridge accessories.

Vintage Meets Innovation

If you’re not quite ready to go all-in on the modern trend, PEDINI offers an Arts & Crafts style that marries vintage and innovation. This design gives a nod to the past while bringing it into the 21st century. It includes the ability for maximum customization to create a modern kitchen studio, with elements that don’t always connect but integrate together perfectly.

The working areas can integrate into a traditional layout made of base and wall units. Materials include eclipse cabinets, glass cabinets, Kubica cabinets, and bridge accessories.

Design and Comfort

The ultimate mix of design and comfort, PEDINI’s Artika kitchen style balances the two elements to create a relaxed yet aesthetically pleasing environment. Shapes are reworked to bring harmony and simplicity to the space. Materials include glass cabinets and bridge accessories.

Sleek and Stainless

While most people only think of stainless-steel appliances, you can also add steel kitchen cabinets. The sleek, chic style is more environmentally friendly and durable than wood cabinets. Stainless steel is more prone to fingerprints and scratches, but some brands are better than others. The end result is a stylish, ultra-contemporary vibe.

Modern White

You can still go back to the basics with a simple, white kitchen in a contemporary style. They keep the kitchen looking clean and bright, and your options for finishes are numerous. This option is also budget-friendly and highly customizable. The only downside is the possibility for dirty fingerprints. It’s also important to either find cabinets painted with, or paint them yourself with, the best brand of paint for kitchen cabinets available to ensure the color stays bright and vibrant.

Deep and Warm

Deep, natural wood automatically warms up the kitchen space and is great for hiding fingerprints and food stains. They can be as grainy or sleek as you wish them to be, and the dark-wood look is classic and timeless, yet perfect for integration into a modern space.

Who to Contact for Modern Kitchen Cabinets

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Staying ahead of the latest trends and innovating them by introducing stylish new finishes and creating cutting-edge design concepts are PEDINI’s trademark qualities. The designer brand also uses the best brand of paint for kitchen cabinets, ensuring that the colors and finishes are sleek and long-lasting. Contact PEDINI today to get started on your kitchen remodeling project!