New K016 Display Added to Coral Gables Showroom

New K016 Display Added to Coral Gables Showroom

At Pedini Miami, we are always striving to offer the best possible customer service. A big part of that includes making new improvements to our flagship showroom in Coral Gables. That is why we have added a new in-person display featuring Pedini’s signature K016 kitchen and living room collection. The K016 Display Collection Designed by

Typical Costs for a Kitchen Remodel

The cost to remodel kitchen areas can vary according to the source. As one example, the referral service Home Advisor suggests that a designer kitchen remodel can cost over $20,000, further suggesting $60,000 for a high-end remodel, and a national average of $25,100. Even things like your zip code can also impact the cost of

What to Know About Kitchen Sink Sizes

What to Know About Kitchen Sink Sizes

The kitchen is the beating heart of any home. You eat here. Your kids might play here and do their homework at the dining table. But there’s one thing every kitchen has: a useful, functional sink. The kitchen sink is used for washing dishes, hands, and a range of culinary tasks. Homebrewers, you might sterilize

Fall Cabinet Trends

Fall Cabinet Trends in Color and Design

Fall is officially in the air, and with the change of season, comes cooler weather and pumpkin spice everything. But did you know that you can give your kitchen a refresh with the change in season, too? Not only is fall equinox the perfect opportunity to switch up your decor as you move from summer

Selecting a Kitchen Sink

Guide for Selecting a Kitchen Sink

Purchasing a new kitchen sink is not as simple as you might think. There are many things to consider, including the best kitchen sink material in your price range and the right kitchen sink style for your taste. The following info should make the process a bit easier. Modern Kitchen Sinks One of the more

modern kitchen decor

What Makes a Kitchen Modern?

While the definition of “modern” quite literally says “relating to the present or recent times,” did you know that modern design actually traces its roots back to World War I? According to HGTV, design elements “generally featured flat surfaces, geometric forms, and little or no ornamentation or adornments.” Flash forward to today, and many of