In this blog we will go over interior door styles that can personalize your living space .when we are in the beginning stages of building or renovating our home, we must take every aspect of home design into consideration. While we mostly focus on color and room designs, “smaller” details like cabinets, tables, and door styles are just as important. These decor items, in particular, can be overlooked by the average homeowner, despite the fact they significantly influence how your home looks and feels. Door Casing Styles and Which Ones Will Suit Your Home Best.

Even if you are not renovating your home, simply changing your interior style gives your house a completely different feel. Here’s all you need to know about door styles and how each can add aesthetic value to your home.

The Different Types of Doors

In every home, there are two main types of doors: interior and exterior doors. Interior doors include bedroom and bathroom doors, as well as kitchen and living doors. Closet and cabinet doors are also often included in this category.

Exterior doors, as the name implies, consist of doors that are exposed to outside conditions like sun, rain, and wind and will require consistent cleaning. These include your main front, patio, outdoor closet, and shed storage doors.

Choosing the Right Materials

Before we dive into the different styles of interior and exterior doors, it’s important we understand how they are made and how different materials affect their style, design, and durability. Most doors in the United States are made of one of the following three materials.

Wood Doors

Used for both interior and exterior, wooden doors are extremely common in American homes. High-quality and hand-finished wood doors are a staple in high-end homes, especially homes built in the Colonial, Victorian, and Craftsman styles.

Metal Doors

Metal doors offer homeowners a more affordable alternative than wood ones. Generally, they are more durable and require less maintenance, making them the best option for exterior doors that are exposed to light and rain. While styles in this material may be limited, metal doors can be easily painted to match exterior colors.

Fiberglass Doors

Like metal, fiberglass doors are also durable, low-maintenance, and affordable. This makes them another popular choice among many homeowners. However, unlike metal ones, fiberglass is extremely versatile. Fiberglass comes in a variety of styles, with some replicating the look of real wood.

Now that you understand the difference between door materials, let’s go over the most popular styles.

Types of Interior Doors

Flush Doors

A flush door is the most simple and basic style. These types of doors consist of one flat plane with no intricate designs and a hollow core. These blend well with simple and contemporary environments but may look very out of place in traditional homes.

Panel Doors

The most common and classic door style is the panel door. It usually has three or four horizontal rails and three vertical stiles. Panel doors typically feature 4-section frames or panels, though some designs may feature 6 or 8. Panels can be used for both interior and exterior. Some front doors in this style come with inset glass within the panels for decorative purposes.

French Doors

Made with glass panels and traditional in design, French doors offer a classic and elegant look to your home as well as an extra-wide doorway opening. These are mostly used in passageways and as exterior patio doors, helping illuminate homes with natural sunlight.

Other Interior Designs

Other less common options include interior pocket doors, bifold doors, and bypass doors. These types are more common in smaller homes, like apartments and studios. Pocket doors slide into the wall when fully opened, bifold doors take up about half the swinging space of a standard hinged door, and bypass doors are very much like sliding patio doors but lighter in weight.

Types of Exterior Doors

Front Doors

When it comes to exterior, nothing is more important than your front door style. Entry doors are designed to make a memorable impression, which is why most homeowners will usually invest more in these types. These doors range from classic 4-panel to windowed doors (the windows are often called “lights”). For a more sophisticated, classical front door style, you can opt for decorative carved-wood doors. These are more expensive than the other options but are guaranteed to impress your neighbors and guests.

Patio Doors

Patio doors tend to be much simpler than front ones. The most basic styles are sliding doors made of large glass encased in metal or wooden frames. These are ideal for modern homes as they let natural light into your home while maximizing the view of your backyard. For more classical homes, the French-style are probably the best choice.


Choosing the right type of doors is an essential part of a successful home remodeling project. Investing in the right doors will give your home the look and feel you’ve always dreamed of, in addition to making a lasting impression on your guests.