Home Improvement 101

Home Improvement 101: All You Need to Know About Crown Molding

If you’ve watched enough HGTV in your lifetime, you might know a thing or two about crown molding. It adds some visual elegance to any room, and many homeowners see it as a bonus when it comes to house hunting. But aside from it being something that looks nice in a home, what is crown

DIY Home Decor Ideas

Home Improvement Ideas for a More Modern-Looking Home

In a day and age where technology rules and contemporary style is all the rage, some homeowners are ready to take the plunge into modern home design. And while those modern, luxe-looking styles on Pinterest and HGTV can look expensive, you really don’t need to break the bank when giving your home a contemporary facelift.

Holiday Cabinet Decor Ideas

Holiday Cabinet Decor Ideas Throughout The Year

You’ve worked hard for and invested time and money in your cabinets, but did you know that you can now make them work for you, too?  Holiday home decor automatically makes your home’s atmosphere feel more bright, cozy and inviting. It also gives you a chance to show off your style and add a personal

best tile flooring for home

Selecting the Best Tiles for Your Home

When it comes to your home, sometimes the smallest details can make the most significant difference. This goes for the tiling you choose for the different rooms in your home as well. Whether it’s a backsplash, tile floors, or shower tiles, your choice of tiles and materials can make all the difference in bringing your