When revamping your interior design, floors may be the last thing you think about. However, floors take up a large amount of space and can dramatically affect the room’s aesthetic. If you’re looking to modernize your kitchen, it’s important to pick a floor that enhances the look. 

Below are a few modern tile trends and ideas to get your creative kitchen flooring juices flowing and inspire your next remodel. 

Patterns That Pop 

Modern Tile Trends

Tile patterns can range from graphic to ornate and bring eye-catching flair to any room or artistic kitchen style. The best patterns for a modern home should be sophisticated and neutral. Interesting shapes in marble and shades of white and gray bring the perfect balance of understated and impactful to a room, making it look instantly more chic.   

Hip Hexagons  

Sure, it’s hip to be square, but other shapes can be fun too. Look for kitchen floor tiles in a hexagonal shape to add dimension and a touch of sophistication. From bold colors to more muted tones, these geometric shapes can look modern in various color combinations. Working in a tight area like a galley kitchen? Adding small hexagonal floor tile patterns creates the illusion of size and depth, making a small space appear bigger. 

Wood Look

If you’re going for a more natural look with your EKO kitchen, porcelain or ceramic tile flooring made to look like wood planks might just be the answer. If you like to cook and entertain, hardwood is not a great flooring choice for your kitchen, as it is difficult to clean and maintain. However, a sophisticated tile that looks like wood offers you the same chic look but is much more durable than traditional wood flooring

Eye-Catching Accents

Add an accent area to your kitchen floor for a pop of color. Whether in the center of the room or under a dining table, these subtle accents can bring a unique flair to your kitchen space. Use shades that complement corner cabinet or countertops to tie the room together.  

Take Tile Beyond Your Flooring

Touchable Texture  

Adding 3D tiles to your kitchen backsplash is a perfect modern update. They create a stylish and artistic focal point in the room and add a bit of texture to give your kitchen a luxurious feel. 

Ceramic Ceilings 

Bring in additional dimension with sophisticated tile patterns on the ceiling. Adding a bit of texture or a subtle pop of color around light fixtures or in the center of the kitchen can elevate the look of the entire room. 


When considering design elements that make a kitchen look modern, tiling may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the right tile textures, patterns, and colors can enhance the room’s overall vibe. For modern kitchens, this can be neutral patterns that offer a sophisticated look or unique textures and pops of color for an artistic space. Modern kitchen ideas help in home remodeling and layout inspiration. PEDINI MIAMI has designs in different ranges to help you create an utterly unique custom luxury kitchen.