With spring coming up fast, it may be time to redecorate. And, after the havoc of 2020, the promise of spring and new beginnings is a potentially welcome change. If you’re thinking of sprucing up your decor for spring, the options are endless. From adding more color in the form of natural flowers to special modern cabinets, here are a few ideas to consider: 

Before You Start

spring decor

Spring redecorating often starts with spring cleaning. After all, sorting through your belongings and figuring out what can be reused, refurbished, or given away, is part of preparing your home for something new. Before diving into these decor ideas, make sure that you make the space to implement them by clearing out other objects. 

Add Flowers

Spring is the time for flowers to bloom, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate flowers into your home for the season: 

  • Casual Displays: If you have flowers in your garden, cutting a few and putting them into a beaker with stones or wood chips can add a lovely, earthy touch. 
  • Colorful Displays: If you’re looking to get creative, add food coloring to the water of store-bought or garden-picked flowers. 
  • Think Small: Consider putting a handful of blossoms into a small cup, such as an espresso cup, for a small yet stunning display. To really get into the spring spirit and have a story to tell your guests, add a few pussy willow sprigs. The pussy willow not only contrasts with the blossoms but also comes with its own story. According to legend, a mother cat took her kittens to a river, and when the water swept up the kittens, a willow tree lowered its branches to save the kittens, which is why the pussy willow has such fluffy bulbs. 
  • Embrace Classic Spring Flowers: Spring flowers include tulips, hyacinths, pansies, and daffodils. You can choose the spring flower for your home decor or choose a combination to decorate your home. If you’re trying to be extra mindful, remember that each flower has an associated meaning.
  • Learn a Bit of Flower Language: Floriography, or the language of flowers, is the cryptological means of communication through the use of flower arrangements based on the association that each flower has had for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. For instance, tulips are associated with unconditional love, rebirth, and charity. The color of the tulips may also be symbolic. Hyacinths are associated with constancy and sport, while blue hyacinths are associated explicitly with sincerity. 

Upgrade Your Furniture and Cabinets 

While winter is all about feeling cozy, spring warms us up for wanting a bigger, brighter space. If you’re looking to update furniture, consider light-colored, and especially white, acrylic accents for a brighter look. For instance, adding white chairs to a breakfast nook will not only make the place seem more cheery, but it will also make space appear larger. 

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Add a Touch of Color

In some cases, an entire home overhaul is not feasible, but adding just a little can mean a lot. A pop of color or a small vase of flowers can be a great way to add a bit of spring’s youthful spirit to your home without overwhelming your existing decor.

Add a Pop of Color

Adding a bit of color to your existing decor can make any room feel more lively. Spring colors include shades of green, light blues, peachy pinks, and even lavender. While spring hues are often subtle, they can easily pop against a monochromatic background. Here are a few things to consider when adding spring colors to your home: 

  • Match Well: Choose a spring color that pops against your existing decor without providing a visually unwelcome contrast. And yes, you can definitely choose different colors if you have multiple color themes in your home. 
  • Choose How You Add Color: There are many ways to add spring colors to your home. While flowers are a common way to bring the idea of spring into your living space, there are plenty of other options. For instance, you can update your throw blanket or pillows. You may also consider switching up your comforter or duvet or adding a colorful cover to your couch. 
  • Less Is More: While it may be tempting to overhaul your curtains, bedsheets, and even upholstery for spring, the truth is that you don’t have to change everything. Adding a few spring-colored pieces can be more effective than a complete overhaul. Whether you’re using flowers, a new throw blanket, or a new set of pillowcases, just a bit of color can make your existing decor feel fresh. 

Get Creative With Your Wallpaper

Give your bathroom or bedroom temporary spruce with makeshift wallpaper. You can use empty seed packets or colorful book pages to create a floral collage that will make it feel like spring has sprung in your home. You can also arrange these to decorate a part of your wall or cluster them for pops of florals and greens. 

Brighten Your Lights

Bold yellow, light blue, or green light fixtures are a great way to invite spring into your home while also giving the space a fun pop of color. 

Lighten Your Hearth

If you have a fireplace, consider repainting in white or cream for spring. The lighter paint will make your living room brighter and more spring-friendly. 

Update Your Art 

If you have art hanging on your walls, consider updating it to a more spring-inspired theme. This might mean rummaging through the attic for lighter-colored paintings or heading to the store to pick up some fresh, new art pieces for spring. The good news about buying spring-inspired art is that the art can be reused every spring. 

Add Colorful Glassware

If you have colorful glassware at home, spring is the perfect time for displays. The colorful cups and plates can serve as additional decor while also making mealtimes just a little bit more fun. If you don’t have a multicolored glassware set, consider trying to hunt one down at a local thrift store.