Your living room is the focal point of your home, and its look and vibe set the tone for your home’s other interior spaces. It’s where you entertain guests, relax and unwind, and often it’s one of the first interior spaces people see when entering your home. 

Modern living rooms offer the perfect combination of form and function. They are chic and sophisticated to wow your guests but provide a comfortable space for you to relax. Check out these modern living room ideas to elevate your home space.

Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern Boho-Design

Tying in mid-century and contemporary elements, a boho-inspired living room is a perfect combination of cool and chic. Colorful or distinctively shaped furniture combined with an accent rug and some abstract wall art provides eye-catching details. Industrial elements like copper side tables or coffee tables can add unique texture and enhance the space’s overall look.

Monochromatic Living Space 

A monochromatic space can look sharp and sophisticated. Focusing on stark whites or warmer shades like creams will give the room a cohesive feel. Adding small pops of other neutral colors, like blacks or greys, will tie the room together. Using metals like copper can also add a luxurious vibe to a monochromatic space. 

Bright Colors 

While neutral color palettes look sophisticated, don’t be afraid to go for bright colors when designing your living room space. Vibrant modern living room furniture in light pinks, shades of violet, and even emerald greens can make a space stylish and inviting. These bright colors work especially well with stark white walls for a living space that’s fun and funky but also chic and cool. 

Less Is More 

In some cases, a simple living room design is best. An intentionally minimal space with limited decor or furniture can be the perfect option if your living room has a spectacular view. If you have large windows overlooking a  waterfront view – or even a beautifully manicured backyard – let that be the room’s main focal point. Opt for furniture with clean lines and a simple color scheme to bring the outdoors in effortlessly. 

Clean Lines 

Classic furniture and sleek lighting are perfect for a space that feels clean and chic but still inviting. A circular or curved couch can add an extra layer of modern elegance. Opt for an all-white color palette to make the most of a clean-line modern space. 

Natural Look 

You can also quite literally bring the outdoors in with a nature-inspired living space. These modern living rooms focus on earthy tones and incorporate wood elements in furniture. Adding plants and other greenery can help you create an oasis, and large windows that bring in plenty of natural light enhance the space’s relaxed vibe. 

Low Slung Furniture 

Seating that is closer to the floor gives your space an instantly more modern vibe. Plus avoiding tall seating opens up plenty of wall space for artwork and other modern touches. When it comes to low-slung furniture, simple styles and colors work best. Additionally, more tactile materials will bring aesthetically pleasing texture to your space. Aim for leather, marble, and metals for the best results. 

Make Lighting the Focus

Statement lights are a stylish way to illuminate your living space. A fabulous geometric chandelier can be the perfect focal point for a modern living space or place contemporary light fixtures throughout various areas in the room for decor that’s functional. With statement lighting, opt for metals and other industrial fixtures for an effortlessly modern aesthetic. 

Accent Wall 

An accent wall offers another great focal point option for your living space. A large mural or other artwork in neutral tones can provide a layer of sophistication, while a colorful wall art design can bring a cool and chic vibe to the space. You can choose wallpaper designs for living room Or, in place of artwork, you can cover one wall in wallpaper. If using wallpaper for your accent wall, choose a striking modern design – think geometric shapes – and find colors that are cohesive with your other walls, furniture, and decor.  


This concept is not for everyone, but if you enjoy the bright, energetic, and whimsical vibe of maximalist design, there are modern living room design options that embrace all things over the top. These spaces can be both eye-catching and cozy, and the right interior design professional can help you pack your space with bright colors and plenty of texture in a cohesive way. Keeping certain colors and textures consistent throughout the space will make the design look intentional and bring stylish unity to the space. 


A well-designed living room is crucial for your entire home’s interior design. Its look and feel set the tone for the other living spaces, and it’s the room your guests will likely be spending the most time in. A modern design offers a stylish space where you can relax and unwind, and there are plenty of different modern options to match your unique tastes and functionality needs.