Your bedroom is your at-home sanctuary—a place where style meets function for the ultimate tranquility.

When you think of luxurious bedrooms, massive spaces with sitting areas and fireplaces may come to mind. However, the size of your space doesn’t have to impact its style. If your bedroom is small, you can still create a beautiful, impressive-looking space that’s optimized for you to relax, unwind, and feel at peace. 

Tips for Decorating Small Bedroom

Tips for Decorating Small Bedroom

Less Is More

Small spaces can feel cluttered easily. To keep a small area looking luxurious, be careful to avoid adding too much furniture and decor that doesn’t serve a purpose. 

For example, if you do not have room for a bedside table, squeezing one into a corner will only make your space feel more cramped. Instead, keeping your space clear of unneeded objects and replacing them with more sleek solutions, like using a stylish stool as a bedside table,  will keep your room looking luxurious. 

Maximize Storage 

When a space is small, it’s even more important to make use of every inch. Adding stylish shelving, under-bed storage, etc., can help keep items from cluttering your floors. 

Beautiful floor-to-ceiling shelves are a great way to add more storage. These contemporary designs from PEDINI’s Domenico Paolucci Collection can help you style up your space while also maximizing functionality. 

Choose the Right Bed 

While the bed is arguably the most critical part of your bedroom, you should keep in mind that the wrong size or shape of your bed will make your entire bedroom feel “off.” 

For example, a four-poster bed can take up a lot of space. If you’re looking to make a statement with your bed, opt for a headboard instead. They look just as sophisticated and stylish but do not crowd the rest of your living space.  

Small Master Bedroom Ideas

Warm and Elegant

A warm color palette can instantly add sophistication and richness to a small master bedroom. Consider combining deep browns, like chocolate brown, with whites or creams. A small, elegant chandelier and a patterned rug can elevate the look even further. Finally, add some white bedding for a glamorous yet masculine space. 

Vintage Elements 

There’s something about older decor that feels elegant and regal. Incorporating vintage elements is a simple way to elevate a small master bedroom space. Consider adding an antique chest, nightstand, dresser, or desk to your room to create a classic and sophisticated feel. Or, add vintage accents, like handkerchiefs, maps, or fabric to your wall space. 

Match Furniture to Walls 

A monochromatic color scheme can make your small space feel much larger. Clean, simple lines and matching colors can keep a small space from feeling cramped. This is an especially great option if you want to put a large bed in a small space. Matching a king-sized or canopy bed to the color of your walls and floors can keep your space from feeling cluttered. 

Statement Stripes 

Bold colors and fun schemes aren’t just for big spaces; you can still have fun decorating your small master bedroom. A striped wall is an eye-catching way to elevate your space. Plus, it can trick your eyes into making a space appear bigger than it is. Be sure not to overdo it though. If choosing a bold wall, opt for neutral furniture and decor to keep the space from looking overwhelming. 

Dark Color Schemes

Another way to trick the eye into making a small room look larger is through dark color schemes. Dark paint can make the walls recede so that they appear farther away. Plus, deep shades of maroon, green, purple, and blue can create a sophisticated yet sultry vibe for your master bedroom.  

Cool Bedroom Ideas for Kids’ Small Spaces  

Add Art

To make a small kid’s room more fun, add bright artwork to the walls. This can be fun art in frames or a vibrant mural to create an accent wall. Looking to make their space more personalized? Create a rotating gallery with your kid’s art. Find some fun frames or use wires and clothespins, and let your little artists do the rest!  

Wall Mounted Furniture 

From nightstands to craft desks, mounting furniture to the wall can maximize the functionality of your kid’s small room without taking up floor space. Plus, many wall mounted desks come with built-in storage so that you can keep your kid’s crafts and toys tucked away when they’re not being used. 


When designing your bedroom, don’t let space (or lack thereof) get you down. A small bedroom can be just as sophisticated, tranquil, and beautiful as a massive bedroom suite. The key to mastering the small bedroom layout is optimizing storage space and choosing decor that makes the space feel larger.