As a leading manufacturer of luxury cabinets and closets, PEDINI Miami is always at the forefront of the home design and remodeling industry. That is why they are excited to introduce their new Gemini collection, a unique line of hi-tech walk-in closets made to improve any home’s interior by giving it a more elegant and modern look.

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PEDINI Miami While traditional wood and glass take center stage in most closets today, technology is the star of the Gemini closet collection. Gemini closets offer the latest advancements in functionality and style, from versatile rack solutions to hi-tech lighting, effectively putting them several steps ahead of the competition. You can also check luxury walk in closet which improves your interior look.

The Gemini collection’s most prominent feature is its sophisticated lighting system, which gracefully makes every detail stand out as soon as you walk in. The soft, warm LED lighting is not only stylish and sophisticated, but it’s also customizable and energy-efficient as well.

PEDINI Miami May 2021 ArticlePhoto Credit: PEDINI Miami In addition to hi-tech lighting, PEDINI’s new closets also offer extremely versatile rack solutions so that you can adapt your space to your vision and needs. They can be adjusted to any height you need, so they are perfect even if your ceilings aren’t high enough. With a Gemini closet, you can easily create the closet of your dreams without sacrificing any space.

Gemini closets perfectly embody PEDINI’s signature look in terms of style, which combines elegance and luxury in every item. The Gemini collection’s closure mechanisms feature sleek sliding doors, while the cabinets are made with Flamed Oak wood accents, which pair beautifully with the metal-grey aluminum finish. This aesthetic is enhanced even further by the large mirrors designed with a smoky glass effect.

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To learn more about PEDINI’s luxury Gemini closets, call them at 305-998-1417 or visit their showroom in Coral Gables, FL.

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