Staging a home is a must-have skill set for 2021 if you’re looking for tips on how to sell your home or how to break into the real estate market. Staging a home can increase its final price, shorten the time it spends on the market, and make the entire process much more manageable.

Best Time to Sell a House

Best Time to Sell a House

The best time to sell varies on the region and market for your home sale. For example, winter buyers tend to be more serious, whereas summer generally brings more competition onto the market and families looking to move before the school year begins. 

Regardless of when you’re selling, staging your home can help give your home a competitive edge in a crowded market. When done properly, staging can utilize seasonal shifts to help play up a home’s appeal.

Staging Definition

Real estate staging refers to the steps taken to prepare a property to showcase its best features and sell it as quickly as possible for the best possible price. Developed in the 1970s, staging has become an essential step in selling a home in today’s market. 

Depending on the condition of the house on sale, staging can take several different forms. It may include updating appliances, refinishing surfaces, or repainting. It may also refer to de-personalizing areas, removing clutter, and re-designing rooms to appeal to the broadest amount of people. 

House Staging Expenses

Staging a house gives it a leg up on the real estate market. In a National Association of Realtors survey, over half of agents reported that staged homes spend significantly less time on the market than ones not staged. Additionally, 25% of realtors show that staging increased the final sale prices by at least 5%. 

On average, home sellers spend around $1,800 to stage a home, but costs vary depending on the number of upgrades needed. Virtual staging is one method, as buyers increasingly insist on online tours before in-person visits. Usually, home improvements, deep cleaning, and design elements are the foundations of home staging. 

How to Stage a House

How to Stage a House

Pristine Spaces

The golden rule of house staging is that everything should be as clean or cleaner than a hotel. When selling your own home, consider hiring professional cleaners for this step. Inside cabinets, under sinks, below beds, everywhere should be immaculate. Don’t neglect larger projects, like cleaning tile grout and polishing windows, as well as smaller ones, like emptying the trash. 

Good Smells

For in-person showings, banishing foul odors is an integral part of making a house feel as clean as it looks. Consider having carpets washed, pay extra attention to any areas pets frequent, and run a lemon through the garbage disposal ahead of time. Avoid scented cleaners and sprays and anything that smells artificial. 

Exterior Details

Power-washing siding, windows, and walkways can help your home make a great first impression. Outdoor living space is at a premium in 2021, so examine landscaping with a critical eye—plant flowers near doorways for a welcoming touch. If you are showing a home in the evening, consider installing outdoor bulbs or solar lights. 

Classic Neutrals

Look over collections from quality designers like PEDINI Miami, and you’ll notice a wash of sophisticated neutrals, such as warm sand and stone grey. Some of the best home stagings incorporate these timeless neutrals instead of stark white to create a softer, sophisticated atmosphere. Use classic shades not only for walls but also in area rugs and linens. 

Create Interest

While your base palette should be neutral shades, adding pops of color can make a house more memorable. For example, try using accent colors in throw pillows or a fruit or flower arrangement. For multiple-story homes, hanging a colorful picture or tapestry near the top of the stairs encourages visitors to keep exploring. 

Rearrange Furniture

Some realtors suggest buying or renting new staging furniture. At a minimum, make sure your furniture is clean, well upholstered, and the correct size for the space. Disproportionate furnishings can shrink a room, reducing its potential. For inspiration about furniture placement, examine high-end designers like PEDINI Miami, and shift your furniture away from the walls. 


A well-staged house should feel like a theater stage. House clutter hinders prospective buyers from imagining how their own lives will play out within its walls. Store personal items elsewhere, freeing up valuable closet space. Anyone should be able to imagine how they will make this home their own, so opt for gender-neutral colors and themeless decor. 

Reimagine Layout

In the 2021 real estate market and beyond, a home office or home gym space is a huge asset. Clear out extra bedrooms, and consider that they may be put to different purposes by new owners. If one room has soundproofing for a studio or a bookcase nook under the stairs, feel free to play up a creative angle in your home’s layout. 

Focus on the Kitchen

Forbes has identified cooking at home as one of 2021’s top trends. Having a modern kitchen is a must for the current real estate market. Replace dated appliances to create a functional and stylish space – for inspiration, see PEDINI Miami’s kitchen collection. Repaint cabinets and ensure storage spaces are aesthetically pleasing as well as effective. 

Think Seasonally

Bring the outdoors inside to make home staging work year-round. In winter, consider laying out plush blankets or creating arrangements from greenery. In summer, bring seashells or fresh flowers into your decor. Use local touches that help prospective buyers know what’s special about the place where they’re looking to find a home. 


Staging a home can be the key to success in an increasingly competitive real estate market. With a properly staged home, you can recoup your investment and more at closing time. Follow PEDINI Miami for the latest design and layout ideas that can help you make the most of your space, merging luxury and functionality to create a seamless home staging experience.