There’s nothing more important to set a mood than having the proper lighting. Lighting can elevate your mood, boost your energy, stimulate your emotions, and even influence your appetite. It affects how we feel and how we interact with others, without us always perceiving the role that it plays. Finding the right lighting for a home is crucial – without it, true comfort will always feel elusive. 

In a well-designed home, a combination of natural light, light design, and carefully chosen types of lighting fixtures all coalesce to create ambiance and atmosphere. Finding the right kinds of light and light fixtures for each space can do more than illuminate a room. They can also highlight different design elements in the space, add texture, color, and even act as works of art. The cozy and serene master bedroom design ideas can serve as inspiration as you create your own beautiful simple bedroom design!

PEDINI Miami continually raises the bar on excellence, incorporating sleek Italian style, creative and practical solutions, as well as personalized plans for every area of your home from your bedroom to the kitchen and more. When designing your home, reach out to a professional at PEDINI Miami to discover the most unique and effective ways to craft your dream home, from floorplans down to lighting fixtures. To get started, reach out here to contact us or read on for the latest ideas and trends for types of lights in modern homes.

House Lighting Ideas 

House Lighting Ideas 

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a stunning yet versatile way to add light and dimension to most spaces, especially dining rooms, living rooms, and offices. A pendant light, whether sleek or sculptural, a pendant light can replace a chandelier to illuminate a central area, welcoming family members into its pool of light. Don’t be afraid to make a pendant light, especially a unique or oversized one, the centerpiece of a room. Hanging multiple pendant lights can also demarcate a shared space, ushering people into a common area. 

  • Illuminated Corners

  • Say goodbye to dark corners, especially in living rooms, bedrooms, and libraries. There’s nothing cozier than a reading nook, and swing arm lamps are a simple and chic way to create a personal pool of light. Cast iron and steel are tasteful, classic shades for these architectural pieces. However, using accent colors on a lighting fixture located in a dim corner can also make the whole room feel cheerier. 
  • Multiple Recessed Lights

  • Recessed lighting effortlessly balances functionality and aesthetic. Recessed overhead lighting is a simple and practical way to illuminate a space. When incorporated into design elements, like in this PEDINI Miami entertainment center, it can also showcase art, heirlooms, or anything else that makes your home unique. Recessed lighting, especially when installed in groups, adds dimension to a room without clutter, preserving floor space for maximum fluidity. 
  • Light Fixtures As Art

  • An artistic light fixture sets the mood in more ways than one. It can turn a minimalist space into an unforgettable one. It can also do double duty in a smaller area, providing light as well as style. Choose a fixture you love when it’s both off and on, and give it pride of place. Some areas to consider are above a seating area, over a mantel, or even on the floor, next to a central sofa or divan. 
  • Mix and Match Tone

  • The human eye perceives light differently based on its color and temperature. Warm light often feels cozier, reminiscent of firelight, sunshine, or incandescent bulbs. It’s usually used to highlight architectural details like embossing or textures. By contrast, cool light helps promote focus, clarity, and energy. By moving along the sliding temperature scale, different toned lights can help shift a room’s purpose. For instance, cooler, crisp lights over a kitchen prep area may give way to warmer, softer lighting over a dining room table. 
  • Sculptural Lighting Fixtures

  • Sculptural lighting can be as central or as subtle as you want it to be. It also doesn’t have to be limited to a foyer or living area. PEDINI Miami features sculptural light fixtures in multiple bedroom collections, such as the Ambra, the Gemma, the Modula, and the Frame. Sculptural lighting exudes refined minimalism, enhancing a room’s flow and focusing attention on quality craftsmanship. 
  • Lighting From Several Sources

  • Having multiple home lighting sources is a way to blend energies harmoniously while ensuring the right ambiance for any activity. Consider, for example, the differences between task lighting and ambient lighting. Task lighting tends to be brighter and more focused. An example of task lighting might be a lamp set on a desktop. By contrast, ambient lighting is usually warmer, softer, and more disparate. Most rooms need a blend of these lights, as space is repurposed for different sized gatherings and different uses.
  • Sconces for Smaller Spaces

  • Sophisticated wall sconces are a low-impact way to brighten up a small space. Avoid taking up valuable floor space and minimize clutter by installing compact wall sconces, especially in areas that get lots of natural light but may need illumination at night. 
  • Lighting to Highlight Design Features

  • If you have beautiful art or subtle design elements, proper lighting is all the more critical to appreciate them fully. Lights should never be angled directly at artwork, especially paintings. Instead, offset lighting at 30 degrees to reduce glare and protect against fade. Use subtly brighter lights around areas that you’d like to highlight and dimmer ambient lighting to bring out the unique details of your art and home. 
  • Textured Types of Light Fixtures

  • Consider a geometric fixture or a textured lamp base or shade to add variety and visual interest. Textured light fixtures can ease sharp lines and help a minimalist space feel more lush and welcoming. 


Spending a little time and energy to find the best light fixtures for each room can be the difference between feeling comfortable and at ease versus never feeling quite at home.  You can also select wallpaper designs for living room it will add more art and highlight your room. Science is still piecing together the many different ways that lighting affects us. However,  with the professionals at PEDINI Miami helping you design your home, you never have to worry about crafting the perfect ambiance.